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Thursday 18 December 1969
Baggy’s Studio, New York City. BOG
Rehearsal for the New Year’s Fillmore East concerts

Burning Desire (1)
Hoochie Coochie Man (2) (Willie Dixon for Muddy Waters)
Baggy’s Jam
Earth Blues (19)
Who Knows take 1 (1)
Who Knows take 2 (2)
Who Knows take 3 (inc. false start) (3)
Who Knows take 4 (4)
Who Knows take 5 (inc. false start) (5)
Who Knows take 7 (inc. false start) (7)
Message To Love take 10 (17)
Message To Love take 11 (18)

Billy Cox: “’Who Knows’ was something Jimi started. Buddy thought up the stops, but it was really just a pattern that Jimi had that was great to play.”

“One night after rehearsal for the upcoming shows at the Fillmore, we came up with this riff...And each night afterwards, we would end each rehearsal with it, along with asking, 'who knows'...We wondered whether the concerts would really get rid of Jimi's problems 'who knows'... The concerts, as most of you know, were to settle a lawsuit against Jimi but then there were also some other heavy things weighing Jimi down... We came up with some funny shit...Sometimes it's best to go light to keep the heavy from weighing you down...Three friends having fun.”

Baggy Studios was a rehearsal studio opened by a former Soft Machine roady Tom Edmonston, without a control room, or sophisticated equipment, just a basic two track recording facility. It was used by Jimi from October ‘69 to January ‘70. These surviving reels of recordings were recorded during two sessions on these dates, unfortunately JMcD hasn’t told us which songs were on which reel. So it’s mainly guess work as to what days particular recordings were made. Tracks from these sessions are generally distinguishable by the vocals which are mixed almost exclusively to one channel.

BC: “With the Fillmore East shows coming up, the studio was laid aside and we rehearsed at a place called Baggy’s in New York. It was located down by Chinatown. We were there from prior to Christmas and then a little after, practising and rehearsing. We realised that we had to do four shows and were working up a set of the songs we were going to perform for the concerts.
Baggy’s had two floors. It was essentially warehouse space. We worked in the large room downstairs. It was a pretty simple setup. There were rugs on the floor and the walls were padded and soundproofed..
The recording studio was exclusively used for creating and coming up with something new and different. This was something else. Previous to that time, whenever Jimi wanted to rehearse something he would call me up and I would come over to his apartment and we would play through some small amps. Rehearsal space did not exist as we know it today.
It seemed like Jimi and I always had a recorder running there. It was like every move we were making there was being taped by somebody!”

BM: “When we got together at Baggy’s to prepare for the Fillmore East, from day one it was really a trip. Jimi was a guy who could just play anything soulfully. I asked him where he came up with this stuff, and he said that he liked to listen and play a lot. He never knew how to write or read music [ie like most ‘rock’ musicians’;) Ed.].”

Thursday 18 December 1969
MELODY MAKER (pages 4&5) JIMI: looking forward to playing with Noel and Mitch again.’] ‘HENDRIXAND HIS BAND OF GYPSIES’ [11 December, Four Seasons Hotel telephone interview. Ed.]Exclusive interview by Bob Dawbarn [calling from London. Ed.]:
“I let the matter drop and told him the MM had reported that he was trying to get Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell – the other two thirds of the Experience – back with him for a major tour.
“l’ve been thinking about that for a long time,’ he agreed. ‘All I’m waiting for is for Noel and Mitch to make up their minds and we can get everything fixed.
“I saw Noel at the Fillmore and I think everything is working out fine with him. Now I am looking forward to seeing Mitch. He has been over there in England getting himself together.”
Will the tour include England if Noel and Mitch agree to return for the six weeks necessary—at a reported figure of half a million pounds? [Noel - who had been replaced by Billy Cox as Jimi’s bass player in studio prior to the end of the last tour by the original line-up - ended up not being reinstated for the tour. Ed.]
"It would certainly include Britain and I'd hope to be there around February, or maybe March, at the latest [The US tour actually started in April. Ed.]. The way I see it is, we would start in England then do the rest of Europe, America, Hawaii, Canada and maybe end up back in England. [England and Europe were last as it turned out. Ed.]
The conversation halted while Jimi went into paroxysms of sneezing that must have had the cable writhing on the ocean bed.
"Scuse me,” he snorted when silence finally reigned. “Seems like I’ve got a chill.”
I asked what he’d been doing recently, apart from worrying about the court case. "We've been recording with my new group, the Band of Gypsys, he said. “It's a three-piece and we have Buddy Miles on drums and Billy Cox on bass. How to describe the group? Very funky! Sort of a blues and rock type of thing.