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08-31-17, 03:40 PM
Thursday 18/19 December 1969 Baggy’s Studio, New York City. BOG
Rehearsal for the New Years Fillmore East concerts

Message To Love take 1 (inc. false start) (8)
Message To Love take 2 (9)
Message To Love take 3 (inc. false start) (10)
Message To Love take 4 (11)
Message To Love take 5 (12)
Message To Love take 6 (13)
Easy Rider (Ezy Ryder) take 1 (3)
Easy Rider (Ezy Ryder) take 2 (4)
Easy Rider (Ezy Ryder) take 3 (5)
Message To Love take 7 (14)
Message To Love take 8 (15)
Message To Love take 9 (16)
Easy Rider (Ezy Ryder) take 4 (6)
Power Of Soul (inc. false start) (38)
Earth Blues (8)
Them Changes take 1 (1)
Them Changes take 2 (2)
Lover Man (false start) (137)
Lover Man take 1 (inc. false start) (5)
Lover Man take 2 (6)
We Gotta Live Together (5)
(Buddy Miles, after Sly Stone’s ‘Everyday People’ & ‘Sing A Simple Sing’)
Burning Desire (9)

This could have really been at any busy time in the studio from late ’69 to mid september 1970:

Billy: “In our day there was a great artist called Fat’s Domino, who had songs like, [sings] ‘I found my Thrill-ill on Blueberry Hill’, ‘Ain’t That A Sha-ame,’ songs of that nature.
Now, Jimi Hendrix was a master of words: ‘After all the Jacks are in their boxes,’ ‘The wild blue angel/blue wild angel.’ Who would think of-ah, calling an angel ‘wild’, or ‘blue’? But he had a way with these words.
We were working in the studio pretty hard. And I looked and saw a little exhaustion come over Jimi’s face and I turned to him and said, ‘Hey, man, tomorrow, let’s go up to the amusement park, I wanna go up the amusement park here, and-uh, have some fun.’ He says, ‘Well, you go by yourself then.’ Man, I’d go up there they’d recognize me.’ I said, ‘No, they wouldn’t recognize you. I got all these caps, baseball caps and things of that nature. Just get yourself a-a regular shirt, some blue jeans and we’ll get young ladies and-uh, go up and have a good time.’
So he agreed to it. Next evening a car came, took us up to the-eh amusement park and we parked away from all the activity. Went in and we had the regular thing, the corn dogs, and the cotton candy and rode the roller coaster and had a good time on the bumper cars and etcetera. So pretty soon the evening went by and no one recognized who he was, or even cared. But on the way out this one guy got in front of us, kind of stalked us and kept lookin’ at Jimi. And Jimi looked at him and said, Yes, it’s me, ‘Skinny Domino’. And the guy looked at us an’ said, ‘Oh, go on, man, your crazy,’ an’ he kept walkin’ an’ we went out and we laughed. And Jimi said, ‘That disguise worked, didn’t it.’