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09-01-17, 06:03 AM
Thursday 13 September (or slightly prior) Boiceville, "Ashokan House", NY.
Partially released on a very dodgy Bootleg This Flyer in 1970. Some copies contained a xeroxed sheet with Black Panther propaganda and a report around the time had some nonsense about bailing Juma from a Jamaican jail. The LP, it was further claimed, was pressed in Jamaica too, so this associates Juma with the bootleg.
Ephron apparently wrote sleeve notes pointing to this being recorded in 1964.
More jams were released later on several labels.
Ephron claimed, “Jimi wanted to blend rhythmic jazz with a free-form movement. I’m a free-formist, but Mike Jeffery... was opposed to my influence. [Yeah, trying to give your self some importance by association;) Like Jeffery would care a jot; these were just inconsequential jams, just some of many by every Tom, Dick and Harry in the neighbourhood who it is claimed jammed at the house and surrounding area. Ed.]. “We were joint composers [the LP releases credit only him. Ed], although in fact most of the ideas were mine. . . We had pre-set patterns; starting off points and endings and the middles were usually free.” He infers the ludicrous titles for these meandering jams were dreamed up by him, “The titles were added later.”

In a piece for Rolling Stone by Sheila Weller, Jimi himself appears to have taken this experiment seriously: “But he is genuinely humble about the present. For example, he'd been wanting for some time to jam with jazz and "new music" avantgardists, but worried that such musicians didn't take him seriously enough to ever consider playing with him. "Tell me, honestly," he asked a friend, "what do those guys think of me? Do they think I'm jiving?"
We are listening now to the tape of such a session, the previous night's jam: Jimi on electric guitar, avantgardist Michael Ephron on clavichord, Juma on congas and flute.. A beautiful fusion of disparate elements, disjunct and unified at alternating seconds. Now chaotic, now coming together. "Cosmic music," they call it. Ego-free music. Not the sort of stuff the waxlords make many bucks off. Not the kind of sound guaranteed to extend the popularity of a rock superstar.”

Jimi gtr, Mike Ephron kybds, Juma “Sultan” flute & perc. Gerry Velez perc.:
Jams 1,2,3 & 4 are from This Flyer.

[Jam 1 is the 1st 3 tracks plus most of 4]
Gypsy Boy (3) / New Rising Sun (Ephron - “Baroque 1” or “Young Jim”)
Ephron - “Free Thunder”
Ephron - “Swifts Wing” (aka “Baroque 2)
Ephron - “Down Mean Blues”
Ephron - “Fried Cola”

Ephron - “Flying-Virtuoso” (aka “Feels Good” & “Spiked With Heady Dreams”. Note: Billy says he was spiked with a psychedlic at the house, which appears to have upset him considerably.)
Jam 2
Ephron - “Monday Morning Blues”
Ephron - “Lift Off”
Ephron - “Madagascar” (Jam 4)
Key To The Highway (Charles Segar & Big Bill Broonzy) (Ephron - “Jimi Is Tender Too” - ha-ha-ha Ed.)
Ephron - “Cave Man Bells”
Stepping Stone (3) (Ephron - “She Went To Bed With My Guitar” – note: From a line in the lyric)
“Villanova Junction” (7) (Ephron – “Strokin’ A Lady On Each Hip”. Note: There was an ‘underground’ magazine (1969) with a photo of a naked Jimi with a naked woman perched on each thigh.