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HAVE YOU EVER BEEN (To Electric Ladyland)
[Eddie Kramer & Jimi chat from incomplete 14 June 1968 demo fragment from ‘Loose Ends’ (instrumental?’]

EK: Jimi? What’s it called, first?
JH : What?
EK: What is it called?
JH : Electric Ladyland
EK: Cor blimey! [Cockney expression] Takin’
JH : Yeah… One, two…

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN (To Electric Ladyland)

Have you ever bee-een
Have you ever been to Electric Ladyla-a-and?
The ma-agic carpet wai-aits for you1
(For you)
So don’t you be la-a-ate
Oh, I wanna show you
(I wanna show you)
Different emotions
(I wanna ride you)
Through the sou-ounds and motions
Electric woman waits for you and me
(Electric woman waits for you and me)
So it’s time we take a ri-ide
You can cast all your hang-ups over the side
(Over the side)
While we fly right over the love filled sea-ea2
Look up ahead I see the love la-and
Soon you’ll understa-a-and (Yeah, yea-eah, yeah)


Make love, make love, make love, make lo-o-ove


(I wanna show you)
The angels will spreads their wi-ings3, spread their wings
(I wanna show you)
Good and evil laying side by si-ide
While electric love4 penetrates the sky
(I wanna show you)
Lo-o-ord, Lord, Lord, I wanna show you, show you-ou
(I wanna show you)
(I wanna show you)
Show you now girl
(I wanna show you)
Yeah, yea-eah I’ve got to show you

1Euphemism for ‘dope’, likely LSD?
2Jimi’s frequent mention of water/sea in his lyrics is interesting, as at this time the supposed ‘dawning’ of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ was a major theme on 'the scene'..
3Euphemism for…;) see B.B. King’s ‘Sweet Little Angel’
4Several Hendrix fans appear to be embarrassed that Jimi was obviously into poetry, and "spiritual"/"cosmic" ideas/images, and start poo-pooing discussion of it immediately without an explanation, or idea, apart from along the lines of "It shouldn't be discussed, because I don't like it". But I think that some of Jimi’s images and ideas have close and often direct parallels to the literature that he
(and many others in that scene) were obviously interested in and had read (or at least discussed/talked about) – however superficially. It's no big deal I would have thought. What's not "real" about that?
I'm not saying this is definitely where he got any idea from, anyone can come up with any idea independently.

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology known as Jungian psychology. Jung's approach to psychology has been influential in the field of depth psychology and in countercultural movements across the globe...

(Seven Sermons to the Dead)
Abraxas is an important figure in Seven Sermons, a representation of the driving force of individuation (synthesis, maturity, oneness), referred with the figures for the driving forces of differentiation (emergence of consciousness and opposites), Helios God-the-Sun, and the Devil.

2nd. Sermon: "There is a God about whom you know nothing, because men have forgotten him. We call him by his name: Abraxas*. He is less definite than God or Devil. [...]
*Another possible influence on Jimi’s ‘Axis’?/‘Abraxas’?

Abraxas is activity: nothing can resist him but the unreal [...]. Abraxas stands above the sun[-god] and above the devil [...]. If the Pleroma were capable of having a being, Abraxas would be its manifestation."

3rd. Sermon: "That which is spoken by God-the-Sun is life; that which is spoken by the Devil is death; Abraxas speaketh that hallowed and accursed word, which is life and death at the same time. Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act. Wherefore is Abraxas terrible."

Hendrix was not a two dimensional character, he obviously enjoyed what we might consider "psycho-babble", he was quite adept at it himself. Jung was quite popular among the ‘space-crowd’ at the time and the parallels are quite interesting:

"Helios the Sun God"?:

"Do not ignore the sun…
for …
the sun is the truth shining to be seen."

etc.Jimi made several other ‘spiritual’ references to the Sun in his writings and interviews

"Helios God-the-Sun, and the Devil.... Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act"?:


"The angels will spread their wings
Good and evil laying side by side
While electric love penetrates the sky
Lord, I wanna show you."

(I think we can see what he's really talking about here;-)

'The Psychedelic Experience' A manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead by Timothy Leary also springs to mind. Of course the Egyptian one etc. was also of interest in 'the scene'.

[Comment at CTT by ‘Paligap’: “the imagery does remind me of the Egyptian earth god Geb and Sky goddess Nuit”]

Jimi was into Egyptian hocus pocus as well, See his several references to ‘Cleopatra’ and his ‘Queen Ebony’ (Nubian dynasty?). Interesting Nuit's origins being traced to the city of Heliopolis ie the city of the Sun god Atum-Ra (the cheif deity in Egypt - good old Helios), she was also the God of death, and was a central part of Aleister Crowley's Thelema cult (a popular ‘in scene’ dalliance for many).
Interestingly this is one from Jimi's LP collection at EMP:
Pierre Henry "Le Voyage: D'apres le Livre des Morts Tibetian"

Interesting that Mati Klarwein, who painted a portrait of Hendrix intended as the cover art for a proposed album (a proposed collaboration with Gil Evans, which never happened due to Jimi's death), also painted the picture (‘Annunciation’) used -much later- for the cover art of Santana's Abraxas LP, the cover of which quotes Herman Hesse (he was obviously influenced by Jung's ideas, and was widely read by people in 'the scene') from his book Demian (obviously intended in reference to Mati’s cover painting):

"We stood before it and began to freeze inside from the exertion. We questioned the painting, berated it, made love to it, prayed to it: We called it mother, called it whore and slut, called it our beloved, called it Abraxas...."

Bill Graham was their manager, Mati was friends with Collette, Stella & co, all these people (not Jung & Hesse obviously;)) moved in the same circles, knew each other well, knew people from the Warhol ‘Factory’ eg Pat Hartley, Dick Fontaine, Chuck Wein (ie the "Rainbow Bridge" people) etc., hung out, chatted etc.
Incidentally Klarwein also painted the cover for Miles' Bitches Brew, and a picture intended for a Betty Davis LP "Zonked" which was unfortunately never released, but the picture ended up being used for a Last Poets LP Holy Terror. ie Jimi didn't live in a bubble - ideas, books etc were obviously exchanged with his peers.
4Lightning seen as....;-)

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN (To Electric Ladyland)

Official lyric as supplied by Bella Godiva (that is as interpreted by Michael Jeffery’s assistant Kathy Eberth) to A. Schroeder Music Publishing Co. Ltd. London for their published ‘Electric Ladyland’ song book.
© 1968 Bella Godiva c/o Arch Music Co. Inc. A division of A. Schroeder Music Publishing Co. Ltd. London

Have You Ever Been,
Have You Ever Been To Elecric Ladyland?
The magic carpet waits for you, so don’t you be late.

I want to show you diff’rent emotions,
I want to ride you through the sounds and motions.

E-lectric woman waits for you and me.
So it’s time to take a ride,
You can cast all your hang ups over the side
While we fly right over the love-filled sea,
Look, up ahead I see the love land,
Soon you will understand.

Make love, make love, make love, make love.

I want to show you
(Angels will spreads their wings)
I want to show you.

Good and evil lay side by side
While electric love penetrates the sky
I want to show you