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01-18-18, 01:36 PM
ANGEL (8) [incomplete]
…a story yesterday
About the sweet love between the moon and the dee-eep blue sea-ea-ea-ea
And when it was time for her to leave she spread her wings high over me-e
And said I shall return tomorrow

And I said fly on my sweet ange-el
Fly on throu-ough the sky-y-y-y
Fly on my sweet, sweet ange-e-el
Tomorrow I shall have you by my si-i-ide

And sure enough this mornin’ it came to me
Silver winged silhouette against a golden rose of toda-ays sunri-i-ise
And the angel she bent down and told me
You never have to worry about this place
You just wipe your weepin’ eye-eye-eyes
I’ll take you where you never been
You can fly-y-y-y-y
I looked around
And then I fucked it

Fly on my little angel
Fly on throu-ough the sky-y-y
Fly on my sweet ange-el
Tomorrow I will be by your si-i-ide
I got my-y wings to fly



Eddie: ‘Coming’