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March 1968
New York City, Unknown location, New York, USA
Jimi talking cryptically over the Eric Burdon & the Animals tracks ‘We Love You Lil’, ‘No Self Pity’ & ‘Orange And Red Beams’ from their March 1968 Twain Shall Meet LP. While his “drunken loved one” sleeps. He plays guitar along with it from about half way using a wah-wah pedal, occasionaly “singing” as well.

Jimi: "What is this? Who could this be? Hmm? Oh, man, what am I, in a circus or something? I mean, what is this representing. Hmm. My loved is as’, disturbed herself from her sleep. ‘Cause all sleeping drunks disturb themselves as they sleep, oh, anyway, tch. This room huh, this room is, this room is really, really, really beyond my-um, tch, imagination...or let’s say, jus’, beyond my will of the imagination. This room is full of mirrors1. There's no door an’ no windows, not even a carpet as to where I could vomit out my other thoughts2. The only thought I have now is this room full of mirrors. Top, bottom, left, right, front, behind me. I can see that this room is nothing but mirrors, and with this room being nothing but mirrors, I can, I can probably tell you that… there's a certain person that comes in here. Certain times he comes through and he looks something like me. It’s really strange, I don't even know him, an’ he brings his friends in to fu… their brains-s. My, my whole world, my whole day and night end, when he comes in with them. He comes in, not on a horse, not on a carriage even, not even a car or, a what is it, vehicle, or even a airplane, or eh, he just comes. He changes millions of times, he turns around, round in circles3 and drives me completely out of my mind.

[Music volume interrupt’s]

Jimi: But there are very, very interesting things that he tells me. He says I am him and he is me.
And I say, ‘Yeah, okay. I'll accept that, all right then, since I have nothin’ else to do’ any more?] and he says “Man, you really are in need. You need to scream, but your voice is not high enough to scream what you want to scream.’ I said ‘Man, dig, what do I want to scream?’ and as I say this the mirrors are beating the hell out of my mind. Feel like my mind is hung up on a clothes rack, up against anything’s wall.
He says, ‘Man, I think you’d better scream hard and scream long and call out your loved one, and I just smile. While I’m sitting in the south side of this room, I say, “Dig, I call my loved one” and he says to me, heh, ‘You'd better call a little louder because you will be lost directly in sin. You’ll be lost within’ yourself3.....past dimensional stage3, you will be lost in vacuums3, as it’s known… right. You know, I swear to Saturn, don’t lose me in a vacuum, for I am already in a vacuum and who needs huh-huh…who needs... It scrapes my head up against… the floor and he says ’You’d better scream and call.’ I scream and call, yes. What else can I say, man. I scream and call my best. I say-uh, ‘Okay, love, where's my love? My love comes into my imagination, not to my eyes, for I can't see my love. I want to so desperately, so badly, I want to grasp onto anything besides myself. I turn to the world. What does the world have to offer me except pats on the back, shaking hands, making plans?

[Record finishes]

He says, ‘You’d better turn that record over. Take all sounds out of your head, you’d better scream for some kind of release.’ I say, ‘Man, dig, I’ve been screamin’, I’ve been screamin’. I scream ways… of acid. I scream ways of speed. Scream ways of drugs themselves, tea, coffee, milk, humph, cigarettes. I scream and while I'm talking I see my reflection then’, I can't see my own reflection. What else? What else? Isn’t there anything else? He say, 'Let me see your friends. Scream out to the reflection of your friends.’ Man, you know, I know what a scream is, it’s a million lions trapped in the Grand Canyon. Scream out, friend, come, tell this idiot to get the hell out of me and get me the hell out this damn mirror room. Every time I turn to fu’...tch, [sigh]. Every time I turn around I see nothing, but, you know what I'm talking about. Man, he says, 'Scream your love again.' An’ I scream hard as Hell.
Love, please help me. Even if you are, even if you are nothing at all, just help
me, for I feel right now that I'm less than that.

[Music volume interrupt’s]

I hear another's words coming through the mirror to my front and I snatch and break. Smash in frustration. Somebody help me, somebody, please help me. So he says, 'Start all over again.' I start all over again, I say 'Oh love', huh, laughing to the south side of the candle that's flickering some kind of way, man, I don't know what. ‘I can't even tell my feet
from the sawdust on the floor’4 anymore. I can see through that. That’s my susp’humh-huh. Yeah, brother, I can see through that.

[Music volume interrupt’s ‘…orange and red beams.. the baby was born....’]

Baby… baby… the word echoes so many times throughout my mind and as I stand here now I look over my shoulder, I see a beautiful young girl laying in my bed. She's so beautiful, and I mean, have I found a basic to start by all over again maybe? I turn back around, an’ look again and… I think , very hard, ‘a baby’, you mean… [Jimi puts the mic’ near to the mouth of the sleeping girl who’s breathing heavily, rhythmically in her sleep]

After quite a while when only some almost inaudible speech from Jimi under the loud breathing can be heard. Jimi plays wah-wah guitar for a bit, then stops]
O-oh, fuck, man, out o’ toon that bit, Truth.

1This is Jimi’s first mention of a ‘Room Full Of Mirrors’ since the Jimi Hendrix Experience visited Rudolph
Valentino’s house on the 17 August 1967 (which, Michael Fairchild tells us, had a room lined with mirrors), to make a promo film. On 12 August 1968, almost a year later & four months after this recording, Jimi & Paul Caruso, recorded a demo of ‘Room Full Of Mirrors’ at the Record Plant. Jimi then wrote sleeve notes for the Electric Ladyland LP entitled “Letter To The Room Full Of Mirrors” on 2 September 1968. The next time Jimi revisited this song was on 16 February 1969 at Olympic studios in London (with the Jimi Hendrix Experience on it’s last legs, & with Rocky Dzidzournu on congas), more than a year since his first demo. They also jammed on it with Dave Mason on rhythm guitar & Rocky Dzidzournu on congas (all but inaudible) at the Albert Hall on 24 February a week later. A basic backing track was only realised on 17 November 1969 with the BOG, and only finally finished after being almost totally re-recorded and heavily overdubbed in Late August 1970 by the new Jimi Hendrix Experience (with Edward ‘Juma ‘Sultan’ Lewis on congas) at Electric Lady studios.
2This is close to the lines in Room Full Of Mirrors:
‘No place to stumble, no place to fall. Can’t find the floor, nowhere at all’
3These lines are very reminiscent of Jimi’s written piece ‘The Gray Village Of North Gray Isle’:
I know the certain Sacrifices.
But to spread, to tell others to know
and be aware of Sacrifices in course of life
or not… just lay and rest
and be part of the background

But that is just wasting time…
the circle will then overcome —
the circle, the endless
pathetic but repeating circles
and we will never break it

if we do not try to live —
if we don’t care —
if we want to be of the gray village
of North Gray Isle in the ocean of
two dimension comfort

4This is a line from his song ‘Somewhere’ recorded on 13 March 1968. ‘My Friend’ recorded at the same session appears to be the origin of Jimi’s ‘Room Full Of Mirrors’ theme: “Especially when your only friend
talks, sees, looks and feels like you, and you do just the same as him […] But I feel so dizzy I take a quick look in the mirror to make sure my friend’s here with me too.”