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01-19-18, 02:33 AM
Friday 14 October 1966
Nancy, Grand Hotel, Lorraine, France. JHE
First film of the JHE. Features Jimi and Johnny blowing smoke rings:

Chas: Oh, fuck, I reckon pubs in Mallorca are probably […]
Jimi : [Kissing noises] Smooch, smooch, ha-ha, here goes…
French: Pete, commence en vingt minute
Jimi :… [blows smoke, no ring] Oh, man!
French: I saw his jacket in […?] back of the Mercedes
French: En vingt minute
English: Oh, the one with all the things too
[Jimi blows a ring] Oh, oh, that’s good!
French: Allez! [go!]
Chas: That’s a proper policeman’s jacket init
Jimi : Doo-doo-doo [trumpet imitation, then blows large smoke ring]
English: It’s too much in the whole…
? : [Trumpet noise] Dooo, ha-ha
English: This is a nice one
Jimi : Smoke, smoke ring, take one, no, it’s too late now ah-hah
[Coughing & laughing]
French: My kids would love you in here […] never smoke a cigarette now, Jimi, I don’t
think so
? : Blow the ring, blow
Jimi : Oh, now, I ain’t gonna complete that now, okay.
English: I really am, mean it
Jimi : Wait, wait, wait, wait, one moment, whoah
English; […] never saw somebody would do…
Jimi : I told him, man I’ll do it ha-ha
English: […] London
French: […] in context people must concentrate your mind […]
French: Johnny t’arrive t’allez vous […]
French: …previous only two hours to go
English: Closer, baby
Noel: Pick him up
French: Les ronde
French: Oui, bien
English: The weekend
Noel: Two hours we go to the next gig
French: I think everybody is leaving at three o’clock
English: Jesus Christ
French: Plus regarde, Terry
French: Look at him
Chas: We’re gonna die the death again ha-ha
Jimi : Everybody disgusted, come on
[Johnny starts blowing several neat smoke rings in a row]
Mitch: We ‘aven’t got a gig tomorrow
English: Who’s that’s […]
Mitch: Who’s that with? Mine
French: Formidable
English: Looks more […]
Mitch: Wh-where’s the leaping, sleeping creeper, man?
Noel: Baby sleeping creeper?
Johnny: Ooph! Ha-ha, ha-ha-ha
Chas: Get away, you’re a disgusting little chap
English: Reminded me and Josie of a bad little boy
Mitch: Horrible boy
Johnny: C’ette bouche petit fait
English: […] sleepers for tomorrow
Jimi : Look at this, look at this, look at this one, man, look at this one, man, mmh, mmh….
French: [..] comprend pas
Jimi : Mmh, mmh, I keep forgettin’, ffup!
Johnny: Ha-ha hashish
? : Keeps you alive-uh
? : The chashis
Mitch: Any ciggies left at all?
? : Yeah, okay
English: No. Not on the TV, man!