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01-19-18, 05:40 AM
Monday 17 April 1967
London, Late Night Line Up, BBC TV
B&W print of this survives but is spoilt by stupid “psychedelic” effects
(ie making more than half of the film almost black, or very dim negative!
I am sure this can be explained by the original being filmed in colour which would have worked with the negative
colour effects, but could not transfer to B&W print.
Purple Haze was also filmed but does not survive.
Jimi is wearing: ‘Hussars’ jacket; orange ruffle shirt; dark neckerchief (tucked in); striped suit trousers.
Sun/rose strat w. ‘cowboy 3’ leather strap; fuzz face.
First live recording of ‘Manic Depression’

“We end ‘Line up’ not with a psychedlic experience, but it is at least the sort of music associated with such happenings.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience with “Manic Depression.”


Manic depression is searchin’ my soul
I know what I want
But I just don’t know
How to go about gettin’ it
Feeling, sweet feelin’
Drips from my fingers, fingers, yeah
Manic depression is-ah, searchin’ my soul, yeah

Woman, so weary, her sweet call’s in vain
You make love, you break love
It’s all the same - when it’s over

Music sweet music, I wish I could caress
Manic depression is a frustratin’ mess

Look out, baby


Oh, yeah

Sing, baby

I wish I could go on down
And-hah, turn myself off-uh
Really ain’t no use in me hangin’ around
In this kind of scene, yeah

Music, sweet music, I wish I could caress
Manic depression is a frustratin’ mess, yeah