01-19-18, 05:48 AM
Wednesday 10? April 1967
Stockholm. [unknown location], Sweden
Many, if not most, young Swedes could speak, or at least understand most English by this time.
An interview with Jimi. Broadcast 19 April on ‘Sveriges Radio III’ during the program ‘Pop 67 med Amerikalisten’ hosted by Leif H. Andersson

Lief : I just want to ask you, when you do all these things, you play with your, to play the guitar with your teeth eh, is that by inspiration only?
Jimi: You know, if I felt like puttin’ the guitar down and steppin’ on it, you know, I’ll do it if I feel like it, you know
Lief : Have you done that?
Jimi: Oh, yeah and yeah, you know, we’re built around yuh-uh, freak, you know. There’s so many different things we do and nothing is never the same each-ah night, even if he’s a bad night or a good night it’s everything is always different ‘cause there’s more improvised, you know. We’re almost like a free, free feeling, you know
Lief : Mm-hm
Jimi: Free feeling and everything we do, like playing with our teeth or with our elbows and all that, it’s just like a-a, ‘cause we feel like it right that particular moment
Lief : And you are um supposed to be something very new and very fresh in pop business um, how do feel about that yourself?
Jimi: Uh, there’s so many different outlets, you know. We have so many different things, like, ‘Hey Joe’ is just one little, about one hundredth, you know, of our feelings. We like it that’s why we recorded it, you know. But we have so many different other, uh sounds, you know
Lief : Mm-hm
Jimi: That we have been, you know, just barely begun.