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01-24-18, 03:08 PM
Words scored out on MS are in square brackets + italic here.

“COME DOWN HARD” [untitled]

On the lined notebook paper with a broad red margin, marker pen:

Come on down


Come down hard on me
Baby —
Come down hard as
you can —
Come on down to earth
With me baby —

Taste a little earth here in my hand
Come on down down down
Down —

Way down where desire
Takes command —

Try it — don’t deny it
Taste it — don’t waste it
Love it — shove it
Thrill it — don’t you kill it
Hold me darling — don’t let me
fly away again


On same paper, verso? or another sheet?

Come on down I‘m waiting
Come on through my head
Come on strong I’m fading
Help me forget what I said –
Come to me, my angel –
Yes my Devil’s waiting
To be fed