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01-24-18, 03:15 PM
Words scored out on MS are in square brackets + italic here.

On the lined yellow legal paper with a broad red margin :


(fast: slight Spanish) Key of F#

(Here Comes the Sun)

Chords (repeated)

E, B F#
Look at the Sun rise ---------
D ----------- A F
Here comes the Sunrise
Repeat twice ---
shining in my life

Then break with guitar and
Bells ---- Guitar 1st E string
Ring open as B and G strings
Playing slightly oriental pattern
B string notes start on 7th fret
With G string on 6th
Numbers represent Beat
Like so: 7 123 10123 12
then 5123 7 123 10
repeat with low click
of Bass and [sligl]slide
Guitar comeing from down
notes to up
then vocal and at same time
Guitar hitting G chord, and Bass
string and Bass guiar hitting
A . . . then syncopate chords of Bmin,
C#M, D, up to G. . . then to B - over


then ... B [to] slide to C, then
Back down to A . . . Repeat
up to C ... then [co] slide
with a different Beat to
high E chord with D Basic

then paused and hit D with C BASic
to A with G BASIC AND everybody
except BASS and lead guitar hit
F# Guitar Solos up all the
way to highest note with
slide bar up further to infinity