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01-24-18, 03:22 PM
Word scored out on MS is in square brackets + italic here. @ is indecipherable letters

[Music used for STRAIGHT AHEAD (different lyric)]

On 2 sheets of ‘Londonderry Hotel’, London, stationery, in bright pink marker:



I ain't always done right
That don't mean you can always
Keep doing wrong

Pass it on —
Pass it on —

I climbed mountains and
Mountains fell on me
But that don’t mean I’m as
Weak as I used to be

Pass it on Pass it on .

I blew dreams
Through a pipe of steam …
But that don’t mean
I’malwaysa drag machine

P.I.O. etc…


the world is trembling
breaking, shaking
Heavy love making…
The stage is cleared for the stars…
The [S@@@@@@@@@@@@@@]
And the GODS….

Pass it on… Pass it on

Angels come to come and came
And now they’re trying to be gone…

Pass it on… Pass it on

God help the understanding
Of love and sweat…
Day and Night…
Rejoice and regret…

Pass it on —