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05-28-10, 05:50 AM
Still looking for the following from Jon's Attic. Are they out there anywhere?

Blues Project Outtakes - STG 003
Studio Outtakes - STG 018
Lonely Avenue - STG 032 - 033


07-01-10, 01:50 PM
i'm just listening to STG 018
can seed it if anyone tell me how to made working torrent file

and have anyone tracklist fot this with version numbers of songs? (I mean Fire(5) for example}

07-02-10, 08:35 AM
As lifted with thanks from In From The Storm ( what would we do without it! )

Studio Outtakes (Jon's Attic @ STG 018 / 07.04.2004 / 1CDR)
(Outtakes 1969-70; 75:19) 2nd and 3rd Gen
Tracklist: "Blue Suede Shoes"; 12:01 / "Once I Had A Woman"; 8:19 / "Ezy Ryder"; 5:09 / "Message To The Universe"; 8:45 / "Easy Blue"; 4:33 / "Bolero"; 5:47 / "Midnight"; 8:12 / "Machine Gun" # 3; 10:54 / "Lover Man"; 2:40 / "Come Down Hard On Me Baby"; 4:37 / "Straight Ahead" (piano mix); 4:02

07-02-10, 09:06 AM
I have this one ..
thanx anyway

07-14-10, 07:45 AM
Any chance if seeding it for those of use who don't ?


07-14-10, 08:19 PM
Hi Simon hope you are fine,
you said in another post ..:
Thanks. I have a few of Jon's Attic releases which I am happy to post if anyone is interested....,

Kiss The Sunshine
Slight Return
The KPFA Tapes
Voodoo Chile Sessions
Rainy Day Sessions - STG 016
Jazz Stuff - STG 022
Lonely Avenue - STG 032 - 033
The Electric Church - STG 034 - 035
Out In The Sun STG 039
Woodstock Rehearsals - Alternative Version - STG 0504

....and I'm missing and looking for the following...,

Blues Project Outtakes - STG 003
Studio Outtakes - STG 018
Band of Gypsys: Lonely Avenue - STG 032-033
Apartment Jams - STG 044
Drinking Wine, Sipping Time - Alternate Version

So, do you have or maybe not 032-033 ?

You know, I have some of those records, but many times it happened to upload here something, and it is banned for one reason or another, like official or semiofficial source, or ATM with noise, or etc, and sometime after somebody else upload the same set without problem, it happened to me with ATM-184, ATMDVD-003, Atlanta ATMDVD-005, Box of Gysys, and may be more. When you burn your fingers more than once, the fault is yours. No more as before, now I feel qualified for posting on public torrents or nail mail.So I can send to you the records I have or post anywhere, no problem. Cheers!

07-18-10, 01:51 PM
Opps, sorry, Lonely Avenue should be in the second list, one I don't have but am still hopeful for.

Sorry for any confusion.....,

07-26-10, 10:27 PM
Blues Project Outtakes - STG 003
now on demonoid