View Full Version : 1969-08-10 (Sunday): Tinker Street Cinema, Woodstock, NY

04-20-08, 02:17 AM
1969-08-10 (Sunday): Tinker Street Cinema, Woodstock, NY

The Dance
Earth Blues
Star Spangled Banner
audio: audience recording; 39 minutes, very good quality (1-4)

04-21-08, 12:10 PM
There's a disc called "Tiptoes in the Foam" and it has 3/4 of those tracks:

Sunday 10 August 1969
Tinker Street Cinema, Woodstock, NY
Jimi jammed with Jerry Velez, Juma Sultan, unknown local musicians sax, bass & drums:
01. Sundance (3)
02. JL13 (including Earth Blues (12))
03. Star Spangled Banner (27)

If you want I can upload those or the entire disc. That is if nobody has the complete concert.

R.I.P.- Randy Kaye
10-29-14, 10:27 AM
the drummer on this gig was my father Randy Kaye. He is not an "unknown local musician". Randy was not a weekend warrior or amateur. He was a true commited artist. Jimi personally invited Randy who was from NYC to come up to woodstock and jam with his new group. Randy lived nearby for a month playing with Jimi among other musicians on a regular basis! Hopefully this helps to clear up some confusion and set the record straight.


R.I.P.- Randy Kaye
10-29-14, 10:29 AM
Randy Kaye at the tinker st! Juma Sultan has since recalled that it was indeed Randy on drums.