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Bay of Biscay
Jeffery and a female companion (reportedly a friend of his “girlfriend Melissa”? - he was actually married to actress Gillian French, had they split up? was she just a friend or a lover? is this a mistake?]) both die in a plane crash on their way to Spain.

[Date?] 1973
[First mention of murder]
Noel: “At one point I was thinking of suicide myself. I’m not really sure about his death. I think the night before he dropped some acid. I don’t know if it was an accident or suicide or murder. I was in America.”

[Date?] 1974
No mention of murder from anyone. Curtis is the first to tell the story of Jimi’s alleged financial worries, since Rolling Stone brought it up on 29-10-70, but more or less dismissed it after Jeffery produced “papers” detailing his financial dealings.: “He was very distressed when it was pointed out to him that his financial affairs were in such a state that in order to build the studio in partnership with Mike Jeffries, he would after all have to borrow heavily from his record company.
Jimi told me: 'I know I have been spending a lot of money lately, but I have also been making a lot of money, and I was shocked to learn what my financial situation is. I had a lot of faith in the people that were handling my affairs—I trusted them. But there are definitely going to be some changes made.”
Curtis is the first to tell the kidnap story: “Jimi often felt that he just didn't know whether to trust them [his management, ie Jeffery] or not, and didn't know whether they had his well-being at heart even when he felt that they were looking after his finances properly. In this connexion, I remember particularly one story Jimi had told me, and which demonstrates his puzzlement vividly. It was the story of one of the strangest and most incredible incidents that ever happened to Jimi, and like so many strange events in his life, it happened in London.
'I wanted, Jimi told me, 'to do a double-album for my next release, and I was promptly told by the management that there wasn't enough public demand for a double-LP, and that it was their intention to release a single LP. I couldn't understand that because every LP that had been released had become a best-seller. All of them had become Gold Records.
'Anyway, those were just part of the things that were on my mind as I walked along this quiet street, alone with my thoughts. And then suddenly, as though out of nowhere, my thoughts were interrupted by this screeching of brakes and the simultaneous opening of a car door—and before I realised what had happened I found myself forcibly abducted by four men. I was blindfolded and gagged and shoved rudely in the back of a car. I couldn't understand what the fuck was going on as I lay there sweating with someone's knee in my back.'
Because Jimi was a person who lived every day to try and make others happy, and was always ready to help rather than hurt people, it seemed to him like some senseless night­mare. 'I was taken, he continued, 'to some deserted building and made to believe that they really intended to hurt me. They never did tell me why they abducted me. The whole thing seemed very mysterious, because after a while I realised that if they really had intended to hurt me they would have already done it by this time.
'And the whole thing seemed even more mysterious when I was rescued by these people supposedly sent by the management. They really effected a story-book rescue.'
Jimi never did decide whether this weird episode had been engineered by his management itself for publicity reasons.
Further financial allegations: “[Jimi told me he had] just become aware of vast financial irregularities in my financial situation, and I am going to get in touch with my lawyer to in America and sort everything out. The vultures have fed off me long enough.”
Monika Danneman says Hendrix had booked his air ticket back to the US and was looking forward to returning, and that he had phoned the studio to tell them of his return. She also says that he asked her several times, over the last couple of days she spent with him, if she would choose to die if they made a suicide pact, to which she answered yes.
99.9% of the rest is verbatim the 20 September News Of The World interview

[Day?] JANUARY 1975
No mention of murder. No mention of a “death squad”. Basically just repeats Knight’s allegations, but in the context of an Alan Douglas promo/interview featuring his bullshit propaganda for his forthcoming releases Crash Landing etc. which has the “scoop” Jeffery “confession” [not of murder though] story , see above.

[Unknown radio show] Amsterdam, Monika Danneman is interviewed by Caesar Glebeek.
First mention of the Mafia, first accusation of medical negligence in not performing a tracheotomy. Only ever mention of Cox being shot! and to two murders of people [unamed] connected to Jeffery!
She says they went shopping in the afternoon. They spent the evening at her flat until “about” 24:00, [again misses out Peter Harvey’s, and is an hour and three quartes earlier than her original time estimate, two hours earlier than at the inquest]
and then she “drove him to a flat where some friends of his were and he stayed there for about half an hour, [she later agrees he stayed ‘til 3am] and then I picked him up again, and we talked ‘til about seven o’clock in the morning, then I started to sleep, and I WOKE UP ABOUT NINE O’CLOCK, [This one and a half to two hours earlier than her usual 10:20/11:00 estimate, was obviously given to allow for this new “murder by the Mafia” scenario. She later drops this claim and is back to 10:20 in her 1995 book] and Jimi was still asleep, and I just couldn’t sleep, but after a while I realised that he got sick, at first I tried to wake him up, and I just couldn’t, he didn’t wake up, so I called an ambulance which came after ten minutes, [DOESN’T GIVE A TIME WHEN SHE NOTICED THE SICK, AGAIN NO MENTION OF GOING OUT FOR CIGARETTES, NO MENTION OF PHONING A FRIEND]and they checked him, and I asked them if he will be all right again, and they said, “Yes, sure, there’s nothing special about it, it will be okay again,” and while we were diving in the ambulance they seated Jimi on a chair, but with his head backwards, which I found out later, only, that this was the worst position they could have put him in because through this he couldn’t breathe proper, because he has been sick, you know, but it was still okay too. We got to the hospital and immediately got him in this special room and the sister said to me, “He will be all right,” and on to the doctors, they asked me, “What happened?” and they said, “It will be all right,” and then about half an hour later they told me, “He is dead,” and later on I talked with some doctors, and they told me that in the case like, he has been sick, they should have cut his, I don’t know how you say this in English, [given him a tracheotomy] and if they cut there usually somebody can breathe, and this they should have done, and he would have been safe, but they didn’t do it.
CB: You think this is about the reason that he died, or are there other things behind it?
Monika: I think there are other things behind it, and I do believe that he got poisoned. [yes, with too much Vesparax!] That he actually got murdered. [and how was that when you were with him the whole time?]
Interviewer: But there is no actual proof of this?
Monika: There are some proofs, but you cannot go to the police with it [why not?]. There have been two other people that have been murdered, which were people from Mike Jeffery [ie who were connected with him], and Billy Cox, he got shot, but they’ve just injured him, nothing happened serious, but since that time you can’t find him, he’s hiding, because he’s scared, you know.
CB: Yeah, that’s right [Oh, yeah, it’s common knowledge – not!;-)]
Monika: So, there is really something behind the whole thing, and there’s quite a powerful group behind all of that.
CB: You think that’s anything to do with the Mafia in America?
Monika: Yes, I think it is the Mafia
CB: Are there connections between it?
Monika: Yes, for sure.

No mention of murder. No mention of kidnap. New revelations about posthumous scams by Leo Branton with Kenny Hagood and Ed Howard [and these guys were supposedly going to save Hendrix from Jeffery! ha-ha-ha] – mainly from Noel’s lawyer Mickey Shapiro – strangely mixed in with more Alan Douglas promo bullshit, strangely, because he was involved in the Branton scams too;-). The memorial foundation scam etc. AD claims that on hearing of Jimi’s death he immediately flew back to London – “The next day” from the US and met with Jeffery at his hotel. He claims he and others [un-named] were on the flight taking Jimi’s coffin back to the US. It is pointed out how shifty and sometimes testy he [Douglas] is when asked why he claimed co-composer rights on the Crash Landing Lp, and how his answers are vague and evasive. He doesn’t mention Jeffery’s “confession” again

[Date?] 1978
First mention of his death being conected to the FBI COINTELPRO program, First mention of the bizarre idea he was taken to Hollywood and murdered then brought back to London by lear jet, Also the story that he died at a famous rock star’s house at Devon’s side.
He vaguely hints at the possiblity of murder: “[Jimi is pictured in a semi-concious but immobile state, he feels Monika getting up off the bed, then] He heard the door slam and he panics. Was it someone coming to get him? To do him in? [I][why would he think that? he doesn’t say] Or was it Monika leaving? He did not want her to leave but there was nothing he could do to prevent her. Fear wells up inside him.”
[has a bogus timeline, (apparently due to him accepting Monika & Alvinia’s stories that avoid Peter Harvey’s earlier party and mashing in Stella’s different account to the afternoon, in place of Harvey’s, thereby duplicating Cameron’s party). This has him leaving Monika at Kensington Market and going off with Stella and Devon to change for Peter Cameron’s party. Then he goes back to Monika’s and then briefly to this party Monika conveniently can’t remember the name of [ie Cameron’s] (Jimi said he didn’t want her there because they were not good people) Then Monika picks up Jimi, goes to Elvaston Place and picks up Alvinia and they go for a drink in Soho before dropping Alvinia off at Ronnie Scotts, only then arriving at the Samarkand], The 2009 edition has amended this to the now generally accepted: Peter Harvey’s until around 23:00, thence to Cameron’s until ~03:00, then to Samarkand.
First accusations against Monika Dannemann of her negligence contributing to Jimi’s death.
[First details of who it was she phoned] Alvinia says she put Burdon on the phone when Monika called, he shouted at her to “Call the fucking ambulance!” but Monika was frantic, she grabbed the phone then and told her to call an ambulance now and that she would come over immediately, when she was dressed she called Monika back, she still hadn’t called it, and was still undecided, she and Eric both implored her to call one immediately.Alvinia is not quoted as saying that Burdon went to the Samarkand, or even that she went there, but that she phoned up Barrett, Mitch & Noel, none of whom she could reach, then got through to Steve Gold who provided a car and she drove to the hospital where she found Monika in the parking lot, hysterical [she doesn’t say how Monika got there]. A nurse told them he was still alive, she then phoned Eric Barrett and Gerry Stickells. She & Monika were allowed in to see Jimi’s corpse. [not likely, they weren’t immediate family]

[Date?] 1981
Monika Dannemann sues David Henderson & Bantam for defamation seeking $500,000 in damages.
[I don’t have the details of how this ended – anyone?]

[Date?] 1983
Only mention of murder is of the speculation “on the street” at the time of his death, that he accidentally put sugar laced with heroin in his tea, or that he was murdered by the FBI, possibly flying him to Hollywood where he was murdered and then flown back to London! or that it was suicide. Knight’s kidnap story is repeated, but this time it’s set in New York rather than London and told by Gerry “Morrison” (Brietmann). The kidnap story (in New York again) is mentioned by Alvinia as being told to her by Jimi in London just before he died. [has Henderson’s bogus timeline] Although Hopkins gives us a little more detail on Tony’s pathologist report transcript, he totally misunderstands and mangles the info on the barbiturates. Hopkins appears to think it was an accidental overdose. Alvinia says she went (“ran the short distance”) [where was she staying exactly?] alone to the Samarkand and arrived as the ambulance pulled up. She & Monika went to the hospital [no mention of Burdon] where Monika “checked him in, using a false name”??!! Then she got through to Barrett & Stickells. They were allowed to see his corpse and given what he had in his pockets – [highly unlikely, as they were not relatives this would be illegal.]

[Date?] 1986
[FIRST MENTION OF BURDON BEING AT THE SAMARKAND EARLY - 16 years later!] Says Alvinia answered the phone, she says Jimi won’t wake up, half asleep Burdon suggests she give him hot coffee and a slap across his face, if needed phone them back. He dozed off but then “alarm bells started ringing” and he phoned Monika and told her to get an ambulance. Avinia left before he finished speaking, he arrived just as the ambulance was leaving. Doesn’t mention anyone else being there just the three of them. No “Love” written on the window. etc. see other entries

[Date?] 1989
CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC by Charles Shaar Murray
Only mention of murder is that Murray feels that “some sophisticated conspiracy-theorists have evolved a reasonably seductive case that his death was no accident, but a covert CIA assassination. (Beat that, paranoia bluffs!).” Although he is flippant, appears entirely unconvinced, and doesn’t give any details.

Unfinished, any missing info/corrections welcome