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11-15-10, 06:16 PM
With a huge thank you to Ben over at JPIO I now only have to track down two bonus ATM discs. I will post the others here - if there's anything official on them I'm sure they'll be pulled!!! The guys over at JPIO have been fantastic in helping to unearth most of the bits and pieces I need to make the blog as complete as possible. It is obvious that the task is not going to be easy as there are sometimes several different file sets for each ATM and as I found when posting ATM 066-071 Box Of Gypsys Rev A the files that I had received as Rev A weren't Rev A at all so all the Rev As are going to have to be checked out.

Anyhow back to the two bonus discs I still need.

The first one is the bonus for

ATM 041 Six Strings In San Diego
Bonus Disc: International Sports Arena, San Diego, CA 24.05.69 [Almost Complete*] + Alternate mix of "Purple Haze"(78); 73:31 - Sbd; 2nd Gen (Raw Source) except Alternate mix: Sbd; 1st or 2nd Gen
[* Dropout in "I Don't Live Today" (39)]

and the second is for

ATM 056 Message From Nine To The Universe CD 2
Bonus Disc [Additional material from WAV discs]: Outtake 1970 ["Nightbird Flying" (5) / "Nightbird Flying" (5) (different source)] - Low Gen

Thanks to Ben I have and can post the bonus disc for CD 1.

I'd be eternally grateful for any help with unearthing these two.

08-23-11, 08:43 AM
Where is torrent here?

08-23-11, 08:45 AM
I want San Diego Sports Arena with this complete bonus!