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12-04-10, 05:11 PM
I believe this is the right place to ask the following question:
where can I find this audio track, spoken by Jimi:

"as you all know you just can't believe
everything you see or hear can you"

It must be on this beautiful site somewhere

Herman Cherusken
12-04-10, 05:21 PM
EXP lyrics
[Announcer: ] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to radio station EXP.
Tonight we are featuring an interview
with a very peculiar looking gentleman
who goes by the name of Mr. Paul
Corusoe on the dodgy subject of are
there or are there not flying saucers
or UFOs? Please Mr. Corusoe, please
could you give us your regarded
opinion on this nonsense about
spaceships and even space people?
[Mr. Corusoe: ] Thank you As you well know
you just can't believe everything you
see and hear, can you? Now, if you'll
excuse me, I must be on my way.
[Announcer:] Bu...but,but...gulb...I,I,don't belive it
[Mr. Corusoe:]Pffffttt!!...Pop!!...Bang!!...Etc!!!?

Herman Cherusken
12-04-10, 05:48 PM
The only existing version of EXP was performed at this show in Stockholm in 1968: http://crosstowntorrents.org/showthread.php?t=556&highlight=Stockholm+1968 The tune is from the LP Axis: Bold As Love (1967), here at YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIBvJUa2AIs

12-04-10, 06:02 PM
Thanks for the quick response.
Yeah OK I'm sorry,
I didn't mean the ringtone but
an actual clean and crisp solo track
somewhere here

I have a cassette copy of "Hear My Train A Comin'" which I couldn't find on this site.
intro->tuning->start at :01:39->heavy echo on guitar solo at 03:50
total time: 10:47
defenitly a soundboard or alternate mix, but what show?
very clear sound
I could send you a copy
I have no expierience with torrents, so

Herman Cherusken
12-04-10, 06:38 PM
lol, who gave you a ringtone? Not me. I posted the lyrics, and then a live version of the song you were asking about. But if you are looking for the original song, CTT is not the place for you as we only deal with Jimi's non-officially released music.

The song you want is "EXP" from the album Axis: Bold As Love (1967), so google on "Jimi Hendrix EXP" and see what you find...

As far as your "Hear My Train", take a listen on what's already uploaded on YT. You might find it there...

12-04-10, 06:58 PM
not on YT

12-04-10, 07:18 PM
maybe this?
or this

12-04-10, 08:00 PM

12-04-10, 09:03 PM

rainbow bridge
reprise records 71.

12-05-10, 02:36 AM
in the intro part there's some radio interference (similar to the IOW)
guy says: "They're tuning"