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Jimi Hendrix Experience - Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark. 7th January 1968
Source: Audience recording
Lineage: Master > Cassette x2 > Soundstudio > Shorten > SHN
File Size: 221 MB(SHN)
01. Intro and Tune Up
02. Sgt pepper
03. Fire
04. Hey Joe
05. Catfish Blues
06. The Wind Cries Mary
07. Purple Haze
08. Spanish Castle Magic
09. Wild Thing

MD5 Fingerprints:
34a82d0547a814c791bb618c3cf73777 *Track 05.shn
5930eb12f377354854edea055be06b06 *Track 08.shn
cc5ce78a291781e87b4bfca23985f654 *Track 07.shn
b108ed6f13d46d0a758fd6dabe156034 *Track 09.shn
cf97d9da7770b508688f6db15265afe9 *Track 03.shn
aced7211ba6ac480b40b889f9da727b0 *Track 06.shn
2c99acf9c80431777cf00714567cbc19 *Track 01.shn
5e4e10c20b2e53c6173c4a2b8ca1de1c *Track 02.shn
e8217a0f0bdf0be2ba23ca0707a3832a *Track 04.shn
The short tour of Denmark and Sweden in January 1968 produced two audience recordings. Both with remarkably good sound given the primitive mature of the recording equipment. This one from Denmark is the first and I rate this as a very good recording and it should not be judged by the standards of recordings that can be achieved these days.
NB: This is an audience recording so please don't download it if you are not prepared to put up with it's rough and ready nature.

Do not encode to MP3

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Been trying to go through my DVD's of Jimi material I archived only to discover some of the DVD's will not read so I am missing a lot of material I kind of have, thank you. Oddly it is most of January-February 1968.

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