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01-08-11, 06:20 PM

01-08-11, 06:44 PM
A lot of fun to listen to. I have some spots on old audio reels I'll have to convert. I remember walking down the street with my little transistor radio held up to my ear. A little sunshine,(both kinds) a little Jimi. I even recall hearing the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" along with the Sunshine of course, it sounded like a spectacular symphony. I was dumb enough to try and "explain" all this to my Old Man, he didn't get it.

01-09-11, 02:20 AM
is there going to be a torrent attached?

Roland Stone
01-09-11, 02:27 AM
I have radio ads for Monterey, Newport and Anaheim. But I'm still looking for the voice promo that Jimi recorded himself for a Los Angeles radio station, I think it was for KABC FM before it became KLOS, rapping over the outro from "Little Miss Strange" - "This is Jimi Hendrix and when I'm in Los Angeles (cough-cough) I listen to . . ."

01-11-11, 11:36 AM
Thanks MorelMusic, great to hear these especially the one with "The Monkeys" accompanied by this new band from England : "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" (What a disaster it turned out to be LOL)
And Roland Stone ,would love to hear those Monterey & Newport Promos and of course the LA promo with Jimmi rapping himself would be supreme.(never heard that one)
All the best,

01-14-11, 01:47 AM
Nice one too,morelmusic. Remember verry well when this movie came out in a theatre in my home town. Must have been about 15 years old,allready was a big Hendrix fan.
So first we went out to get us some "smoking substance",and then we were totally blown away by seeing Jimi play the acoustic 12 string for the first time,and my first time ever see him play at the Isle of Wight. Aaaah,those were the days........

04-10-16, 03:06 PM
I have the following Concert Radio spots and I'm looking for this one: Cry Of Love 45 Promo Radio Spot 0:60 sec.. Here's what I have..
Virginia Beach 68,Anaheim 68,Hollywood Bowl x2 68,Woodstock 69,Monterey Pop x2 67,Last Poets spot, 'A film about JH'6 spots, Rainbow Bridge x2, Tampa FLA 68, Houston TX 68, R.I 68.. and Newport ' Devonshire Downs ' 69 If you have the Cry of Love Promo please contact me, thanks