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04-28-08, 11:59 AM
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Cologne 13.01.69 - 2nd Source
[aka. "Old Spice"]

ATM 179 / 2003 / 1CDR

Sporthalle, Cologne 13.01.69 [2nd Source]; 55:41

Aud; Master ? - Pitch corrected & Modified *

[* On the original tape the left channel is overdriven and badly clipped, so here the right channel has been copied
to both. Due to battery drain during recording, the pitch starts to rise about 1/2 way through the tape, slowly at
first and then accelerating toward the end. As it's impossible to pin down exact locations for pitch corrections when
dealig with slow variation like these, there are still minor deviations from true pitch, but the remaining variations
are probably no more than 1 - 1.5% or so.]

01. Come On (Part 1)
02. Foxy Lady
03. Red House
04. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
05. Fire
06. Spanish Castle Magic
07. Hey Joe
08. Sunshine Of Your Love
09. The Star Spangled Banner
10. Purple Haze

artwork & ffp file included

cheers max

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Thank you Max :)

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it' s correct pitch and balance with all tracks.
Very thanks!:D

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i thank-you Max i had this show b4 but mine was missing come on pt1 so glad to have it complete now

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Somehow i'm missing this particular atm,so if someone could give a reseed,zombywoof57 would be the first to ask of course,or otherwise the king of uploading Herman Cherusken.
Thanks in advance.


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I second That, Please

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Thank You Very Much You Are All Very Helpful, An` This is a Wonderful place

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Thanks a lot to the uploader(s) too

all the best

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Mahalo for this.

Also thanks to aritus and zombywoof57 for sticking around and helping a latecomer like me.

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Thanks for this! Another ATM I didnt have!

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I do prefer old spice koln to stetson koln.

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Thanks a lot ! ! !
Highly appreciated ! ! !

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Very grateful to hawkfan369, sgtpepper685 and all seeders.
Incredible! After five years the share is still active!

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thank you!