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04-28-08, 03:48 PM
Would be very happy to listen to this::bananasmile:

Poetry Recital - Vibratory Merge (Collector's Disc <Earth Blues> / 2004 / 1CDR)
(US Army Radio "In-Sound" june 1967 [Introduction / "Purple Haze" (1) / Interview with Jimi by Harry Harrison]; 4:47 / Poetry Recital: Home Recording [Hendrix reciting poetry over a number of recordings incl. "Closer To The Truth" by Eric Burdon & The Animals] - Digitally Restored / Merge version; 21:55 + Non-Hendrix filler: Albert Collins: "Thaw Out" ["Drivin' South"] / Tim Rose: "Hey Joe" / Albert Collins: "Travellin' To California")
- The "In-Sound" portion featuring the Noel Redding interview (http://home.online.no/%7Ehpjohnse/hendrix.html#slight_return_interviews) is not included on this disc.
- Non-Hendrix fillers are sourced from MP3.

04-28-08, 04:23 PM

I cannot help with exactly this disc, but if the Poetry Recital itself is what you want to listen to, do a search for torrents containing 'black'.
Its on volume 2 of the Black Gold set and still seeding :)

PS: i bought the animals album because of closer to the truth after listening to jimi

02-05-12, 10:12 AM
I would to happy to listen to this too!