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02-05-11, 09:31 PM

Wonderfully heavy, 19 tracks, burnproof

This project was revised and fully updated with new download links and an updates pack 3.6.2011

02-06-11, 06:56 PM
Thank you for taking the time to prepare these tracks and for your expertise in remastering them when necessary. It's a really nice compilation. One point in the artwork--the Norman, OK version was performed on 8 May 1970, I think the month and day may have gotten switched.

02-06-11, 08:58 PM
Aw Shucks, that mistake actually changes the track sequence on the CD too.
Well seen eyeball, now I have corrected this and re-uploaded one more time :)

02-08-11, 04:42 AM
uploaded upgrade for Vol.1 track 8 :) ...now expired and irrelevant...March 2011

02-19-11, 04:59 AM
Gr8 stuff katznkitz...Thanx a mill!
Got Vol 1 at the mo, but Vol 2 comes up as "error "503 Service Unavailable"
i'll try again later.........


02-19-11, 11:08 AM
After a lot of 'faffing about' (think the '4shared' wibbly was swamped) FINALLY, all is safely gathered in....A million (& one) thanx ............

Just gonna let it wash over me..

Ciao! jasper1000

02-19-11, 11:33 AM
disc 2 track 2 Meistersingerhalle - a small typo in the artwork
disc 2 track 8 date is July 30, not July 7.

02-19-11, 03:27 PM
Thanks for the corrections to the dear folks


02-28-11, 04:19 AM
I appreciate the enthusiasm but to 'speed correct' the tracks this way I can't understand.
Don't you like Jimi's voice or you just like to hear him sound like he's 12?
Pitch correction is connected with speed correction. To correct the pitch and save the
original speed is kind of a trick that makes no sense to me. Why did you do it I'd really like to know?
Do you have any reasonable explanation for that?
And finally, when you do things like this you MUST post more technical details about what you did with the tracks.
'Pitch-correction applied' is NOT enough.

02-28-11, 12:42 PM
You said << Pitch correction is connected with speed correction.>>
Absolutely! I am an old school taper/trader mate. I still use the pitch control on my Nakamichi 680 zx deck and my Sony WMD6.

You said << To correct the pitch and save the original speed is kind of a trick that makes no sense to me.>>
Neither to me, I tried that, it sounds horrible and unlistenable (I am using Goldwave).

You said << Why did you do it I'd really like to know?>>
I did not.

You said <<...you MUST post more technical details about what you did with the tracks. Pitch-correction applied' is NOT enough>>
You are probably right I dissed the technical side. My mistake in terminology, I should have said "speed correction applied". if you want to I can forward my notes, a pitch record of what was done with Goldwave 5.5 in a private message.

My main premise in doing this was preservation of what Jimi played as it was played. On the assumption that he would not play out of tune (60s & 70s they had strobe tuners, remember?, not that Jimi would need one, anyone correct me if I am wrong).

You said << Don't you like Jimi's voice or you just like to hear him sound like he's 12?>>
Which particular shows are you referring to? I will review them once again. I noticed his voice sounded a bit funny on a few but this may be due to other factors; I had to go by what was coming out of his guitar.

Thank you for your input bro'

03-02-11, 11:50 PM
OK, I must have admit I was wrong. In fact, I was so shocked with the sound of some tracks that my first impression was that you speed-corrected them so they can fit on one disc. I compared them with what I thought were the original sources but since you've cut out the applause and stage chat when comparing the running times I forget to take that into consideration.
In any case, whatever your motifs were, many tracks sound too fast and unnatural to me. Regarding your remark about Jimi's 'playing out-of tune' you have to know that contrary to today's advices and aesthetics about how the guitar should be tuned and sound (many advise to tune the guitar a little higher to get the best sound) Jimi preferred to tune his guitar half-step down. Also, in concert, he ALWAYS tuned his guitar by ear never using any kind of a helping (electronic or mechanical) device. The result was sometimes very different pitch in different songs during the same concert!!
There is one more thing people don't like to talk about but it should be taken into consideration when discussing his live sound (especially of his voice) is that he often performed under influence of various drugs which made his voice sound deeper (and weaker as well).
Jimi also changed guitars during his concerts (ESPECIALLY for Red House which he preferred to play on Gibson being it predominantly Les Paul in '68, or SG in '69 or Flying V in the '70).
So, it's a hard subject and IMHO, you should be much more careful when applying this effect in the future. Actually, my advice would be - don't do it at all.

03-05-11, 10:26 PM
Thanks for the input you got me workin'. That is, on the the update pack, ready now for download
contains 4 remastered tracks which are now readjusted to the correct speed. Appears that Jimi was not playin it from B flat on these occassions. More on that subject will be covered in the PitchInfo.txt included, as well as pitch change details and purposes.
About the subject of guitar tuning, Carlos Santana once mentioned to me "Old blues guys tuned slack to get their cryin tone with their bend+finger vibrato" -paraphrased. I trust Jimi's ears over tuners anyway, anybody playing as much as him would rarely be tuned out of pitch. Jimi always tuned up before he played Red House too. Sometimes batteries running out on tape recording machines may result in a different pitch in different songs during the same concert. Different brands of tape recording devices run at slightly different speeds etc.
You are right it is an itchy subject. Enough back to the music.

08-19-11, 03:17 PM
Muenster version is a monster, put your seat belt on close your eyes and be ready to be blasted off to where no man has been before, a most thrilling breathless ride, go dare!