View Full Version : Jimi Hendrix Experience, July 31, 1968, Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport, Louisiana

02-18-11, 08:32 PM
I was born in 1965. I found pics online from Hendrix's show in Shreveport at the Municipal Auditorium, former home of the famed Louisiana Hayride. If anyone has that show, please let me know. Thank you!

02-19-11, 06:19 AM
unfortunately so far there haven't been any recordings in circulation

06-30-11, 12:12 PM
I was at this concert. The auditorium sound system was picking up the live broadcast of a local radio station which you could hear clearly at times. I remember Jimi commenting on it. I can't imagine there could ever be a good quality recording of this concert. Of course, I have to say, the sound problems never detracted from the impact of this concert on me and my friends.