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05-13-08, 03:10 AM
Which torrent can be labeled as an "upgrade"?
If you are sure or think it might be better than ANY previously
circulating version. Such torrent can be labeled as an upgrade.
BUT, if you know that certain torrent you want to upload has been in circulation for years and it's only supposedly better than the torrent uploaded just few days before on the same site, than please don't put "UPGRADE" in the title. It's enough to mention that you think it's possibly better than the previously uploaded version in the info file. A torrent that is in circulation for several years can not be labeled as an upgrade!
Very nice example of how things can go from bad to worse when someone labels his torrent as an "upgrade" or "new source" when the torrent in fact isn't any of that is a torrent (I will not mention neither author nor the title) uploaded on DIME some time ago. Of course, it wasn't a new source, and it took months to change the word "NEW" in the title of the original thread on DIME . Not to mention on how many other sites that same torrent appeared afterwards as "new" source (including this one!!).
Many people who download do not know. They do not read the text-files. They do not come back to the original thread once they've downloaded the torrent in case you changed the mistake afterwards. So, please, be VERY careful how you label your torrents.
Just an advice that's in the best interest of all of us.

05-13-08, 03:07 PM
My amateur opinion :

I have always thought an 'upgrade' meant an improvement to the particular show. By this I do not mean what certain digital cowboys do to a show with their fiddling around with 'sound enhancerment'. I would say correcting pitch, fixing/removing tape defects, maybe putting the tracks in the actual performance order. In order to have a complete performance, if someone took different sources and made a composite for a single complete show and used a little dsp to 'match' it all up, I suppose this too may be considered an upgrade to those sources. However, I would prefer the new composite to be a stand-alone show. Just my $0.02, I'm still a babe in the collector's community, I welcome other commentary.
- Marcos
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05-13-08, 04:37 PM
Well, improvement is a different thing.
You can post a different source which is better than a previous one. In that case, that's a new source. Not an upgrade.

For example, upgrade is when you find 1st generation copy of the source that has been circulating as a 2nd generation.

Composites are NOT upgrades. They actually might upgrade the listening experience but they are still made of sources ALREADY IN CIRCULATION!

You can also REMASTER a certain source which can sound better in your opinion. However, that's not an UPGRADE, that's a REMASTER! Anybody can
do a remaster according to his own private taste. That's NOT AN UPGRADE!

That's EXACTLY why I started this thread and why I'll probably start a few more because most people do not understand these things.

05-13-08, 05:09 PM
So, just what is the 'collector's biblical definition' of an 'upgrade' exactly? (in layman's terms)

05-15-08, 11:08 AM
So, just what is the 'collector's biblical definition' of an 'upgrade' exactly? (in layman's terms)

"Upgrade" (with a capital "U") is a higher quality version, lower generation copy or a better transfer of the source already in circulation.