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Dolly Dagger
03-29-11, 09:32 PM
Saturday, February 22nd, 1969

Go My Own Way
Hound Dog Blues
Valleys of Neptune
Message to Love


Jimi Hendrix
Mitch Mitchell
Noel Redding
Chris Wood
Rocky Dzidzornu
George Chkiantz


Jimi started with Go My Own Way, 5 takes solo and 1 take with Noel & Mitch. Then Jimi, Noel, Mitch, Rocky Dzidzornu, and Chris Wood launched into takes of Hound Dog Blues. Jimi tried a few early takes of Message to Love before performing two takes of Valleys of Neptune on the piano.

04-04-11, 12:24 AM
would love to hear"go my own way"

10-08-15, 05:07 AM
Saturday 22 February 1969
Olympic Sound Studios, London. No gig
Jimi with members of Traffic and others unknown
Producer: Jimi Hendrix
Engineer: George Chkiantz
2nd engineer: Roger [surname?]

Jimi solo:
Go My Own Way (5 takes) unreleased

Go My Own Way (1 take) unreleased

JHE with Chris Wood – Sax, Rocky – percussion, Jerry Goldstein! – piano:
Hound Dog Blues (takes 1-16, incomplete) unreleased

JHE with Chris Wood – Flute, Rocky – percussion, Jerry Goldstein – piano:
Hound Dog Blues (takes 17-18, incomplete) unreleased
Hound Dog Blues (take 19, complete) (6)
Hound Dog Blues (takes 20-49, incomplete) unreleased

Jimi solo – guitar:
Message To Love [several takes] unreleased
Message To Love (59)
Gypsy Blood
Valleys Of Neptune (27)

Jimi solo –piano:
Valleys Of Neptune (28)

Noel: “On the last day, I just watched it happen for a while and then went back to my flat."

23 No gig, London
24 Royal Albert Hall concert, London
25 No gig, London