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06-17-08, 08:11 PM
OK-Here's the deal . . . .
This burns to a DVD with the VIDEO_TS Folder.
There's GOOD news and BAD news-
I have now listened thru to the end of Foxy Lady.
(During the 1st tune-up Jimi asks for Tear Gas . . . . .)

The BAD news 1st.
On MY Mac & DVD player I have NO video . . . . .
The GOOD news-For an audience recording, this is REAL nice.
This would be a project I would personally like to Master (later) . . .
I believe I could turn this into an ATM - Which reminds me;
Would one of you PLEASE explain how ATM's are given catalog #'s and where is the site I might find the "LIST"?
It's something I have always wondered about.
Anyway, this is a very good+ recording for a 2nd gen aud recording from 1969. It is very clean but could use some Mastering & slight EQ'ing to bring up Mitch & Noel.
Now that I'm getting into this, Jimi is certainly "searching" and that fucking Strat really sounds nice. In fact his "fluidity" seems to be at an all time high!
I would surmise his impending FREEDOM from the Experience had a lot to do with his attitude that memorable night. The StSpBanner is the closest I've ever heard to Woodstock. Usually I perceive him "parodying" himself or just giving up on this particular "tune" in a peculiar laugh-it-off sigh. NOW I know where the Woodstock "vibe" came from. Hope U can understand my scattered thoughts about that. It's scorching :)
Here is the info list that came with it:

Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Date: 1969-06-29
Location: Denver, Co
Venue: Mile High Stadium (Denver Pop Festival)
Source: Audience
Lineage 2nd gen cassette>pc>wav 24/96>wav 24/48(adobe audition)>dvd(lplex)
Transferred By: weedwacker

Jimi Hendrix
01 - Tuneups
02 - Tax Free
03 - Hear My Train A Comin'
04 - Fire
05 - Spanish Castle Magic pt1
06 - Drum Solo
07 - Spanish Castle Magic pt2
08 - Red House
09 - Foxy Lady
10 - Star Spangled Banner
11 - Purple Haze (End Cut)

Creedence Clearwater Revival
12 - Born On A Bayou
13 - Bad Moon Rising

Total Runtime 69:29

Charley C. was gracious enough to lend me his verified lineage 2nd gen tape to transfer. Clear but mono recording. I'd rate it a VG at the minimum. The tape deteriorates towards the end of the Star Spangled Banner and continues into Purple Haze before the song finally cuts out. Of note this is the final show the original Experience ever played. The Creedence Clearwater Revival tracks are also from the 1969 Denver Pop Festival and were filler at the end of the tape.
Last thoughts: I was hoping some video would pop up during this but the TV screen is just pure BLACK. It is however, one of the best Hendrix concerts I have ever heard: Playing, Vibe AND Sound - I love it . . .

Maybe one of you Jimi-Jenious' out there can fix whatever video "might" be embedded here.
There IS something in the folder. All the vid files are here. But I don't get it.

I believe I could turn this into "Duophonic" Stereo. At the moment it's mono & "left" heavy but a REAL nice recording.
The show has just ended for me & all I can do is utter a sigh . . .
Jimi - WHY did you have to go . . . . . . .
Hope you guys enjoy this. I've never heard it B4. :woohoo:

Peace all

06-17-08, 08:33 PM
nice audio dvd!! Thanks for the share!!

06-17-08, 09:19 PM
Thanks for going to all the trouble getting this from TTD and sharing it with us here. Here's what I remember about this. There was a supposed 24bit DVD audio upped first and then a 16 bit CD ready version upped a bit later as I recall from the same seeder. I downloaded only the 16bit version. As far as this version is concerned I'm at a loss... If this was a properly authored DVD audio there wouldn't be any VIDEO_TS folder at all only an AUDIO_TS. If there's a VIDEO_TS folder that would mean that the audio here is actually Audio Codec 3 or AC3 and is more compressed than a normal audio CD. The exception would be if it was authored with PCM or LPCM audio. In that case the audio wouldn't be compressed. Usually 24 bit audio torrents contain flac files encoded at the higher 24 bit rate and it's up to you to either create the audio DVD, transfer to DAT or simply play on your computer as is. It's very confusing why someone would author this as a DVD unless there really was some video contained on it.

I hope it's OK to post here? This is the CD audio version:
This is the DVD audio version:

It looks like this was supposed to be DVD audio (without any video) but I'm not sure if this was authored properly?

There were comments that may be of interest I'll copy over to here:

"I compared the 24 bit dvd audio to ATM 118 and it seems that this is the exact same master that was used to record ATM 118"

"You definately transferred it on the hot side. Yours sounds flatter. You really want to transfer at a lower db level. You can always tweak up the volume afterwards digitally without also amplying the background hiss levels."

I hope this helps clear up most of the confusion about this torrent.

06-17-08, 11:57 PM
Abbey - Hommina - Hommina - Hommina ;)
Of course anything and any Info that will help the "Community" is always more than welcome my friend :-)
I see Paul was in on it . . .
The CD Post, though it sez there is 1 seeder is the very one I deleted on my system after 2 days of no DL action.
I'm simply gonna love this audio DVD like finding a long-lost family member. Since there is no mention as to another copy or source existing, I may take an afternoon and Master this (just for me) to bring Mitch & Noel up a bit. This show is very close to my "Hendrix" heart (something I cannot readily explain) but suffice it to say, a crummy Hendrix show is still universe's better than most others' best, and for some reason, this one just has a different/special aura around it. NONE of the cuts particularly bothers me. I'm assuming the slit up Purple Haze is due to battery failure, however, as we all must live with this philosophy, ANYTHING we have of Jimi is better than what we might have been left with. I just feel this is a superior show (for him-personally) His playing, his humor, the "searching" solo's (Red House? C'mon!) :) The man was absolutely lost in himself that night. And All electrical systems (for a change) were glowing a deep green! If anybody has a different spin on this one, I'd be interested in any alternate views.
Also, I'd love someone to explain (briefly) the ATM story, or simply provide a link where I might find the catalog. Thanx.
Lastly, for the moment, does anybody feel creative enough to attempt a cover? Or is there one available? I think this show deserves a nice one. Or any pix of this gig would be nice. I'd be willing to bet a fiver Johan has one or 2 :)
Anyway Abbey - THANX 4 the info! Good stuff! It also seems you have the CD of this. So, Where is it? :D If u have it, please let me know. I already know what I'm going to do to it (Mastering wise) If not, I'll take the audio from this. Of course, if I put it up, I will notate whatever I do to it. I will only put it up if I'm happy with the results. Thanx again. 'Nite all.

Roland Stone
06-18-08, 12:21 AM
I look forward to your remaster. Think I'll pass on this one and wait for that. Thanks.

06-18-08, 07:30 AM
You'll be Sorrrrrrrrrreeeeeee . . . . . . :D



06-18-08, 03:21 PM
for a great source for referencing the ATM's, check out ...... http://home.online.no/~hpjohnse/hendrix.html

Roland Stone
06-24-08, 12:50 AM
I did download this version, but I have no good way of transferring it to my Ipod except through a real-time capture from my soundcard which I believe would downgrade the sound quality significantly. So I'm still eagerly awaiting the FLAC version. Thanks.

06-24-08, 06:14 AM
It's coming . . . . I have 3 working versions already including a Stereo one-
BUT I "foolishly" (not) volunteered for Archery Overseer for my kids' Scout camp . . . .
Today is day 2 of 5 . . Fri is the last day. I spent last nite "upstairs" in my studio but working 'tired' (after an 8 hr day with scouts) is no way 2 do this ;)
If the results are ok, which I believe they will be, the weekend looks "promising". I'll put the original & remastered version in the same folder (CD1-CD2) I'll post an update by Fri or Sat. :)
Have a great week ! ! !
Peace :beer:
I love my kid I love my kid I love my kid I love my kid I love my kid I love my kid I love my kid I love my kid I love my kid . . . . .

06-24-08, 03:27 PM
Checking the above-mentioned website, ATM 207 claims to be transferred from a 1st gen. source. Does anyone have the original FLAC files of this to post in comparison? The only advantage of this DVD is that it's in a higher-resolution lossless audio format than CD "Red Book" 44.1/16 - but since it's a monaural audience tape, the difference is negligible, and obtainable only on top-end equipment with trained ears. (I'd *love* to see this high-res DVD-audio thing done with some of the SBDs in circulation, but this sampling needs to be done from the lowest-gen analog source, it's no use if your source is a DAT already at 48/16, and who's got an original analog soundboard reel sitting around? Paul Allen, you lurkin'?) But the rule for getting these things to sound their best is to use the lowest generation source... although there are exceptions, and In From The Storm says this one sounds harsher. (Digs through stacks of CDs...) Hmm, nope, don't seem to have this one! Anyone? I think we've got some comparing to do!

06-24-08, 07:02 PM
I would DROOL for a 1st gen FLAC ! ! !
Meanwhile, I'm going to finish what I started here.
There are 2 possible outcomes . . . . .
And I'm certainly no beginner here. If it's not the minimum quality I expect, nobody will ever hear it.
As you said, it is a 39 yr old aud recording . . . .
But I am very strangely drawn to this one - MUSICALLY - (I can't explain it).
So I do this for pure matters of the heart. For Love.
If ANYBODY can find a better source PLEEZ PLEEZ PM me & post it.
Peace - me

06-26-08, 11:29 PM
Well, I've begun an exhaustive search for this elusive 1st gen FLAC (or any 1st gen copy) of this concert. I am getting close. I can sense it . . .
It is #207 but not an ATM . . . Can't recall the listing just now . . .
Anyway, I found this FASCINATING story about memoirs, incl. Mitchell/Redding accounts of that day & their memories of the final demise of the original Experience.
As I said, this is Fascinating (and a bit scary) & I'd love to share it . . . The article itself seems 2 B about 4 yrs old.
Hope it fills a gap or 2. It did 4 me. :)
BTW-The official name of the 1st gen CD (listed as VG+) :) is
"Put On Your Eargoggles" - Anybody have access to this?????????????
MANY Please's & Thank Yew's


06-27-08, 01:06 AM
jonsattick wrote this in one of his seeds:

It's an exceptionally clear recording and one of the better audience efforts from that year.
I have chosen to seed what is known as the 2nd gen version. There is only one source for this show but a few years ago a collector tracked down one of the guys who had taped this. The master no longer exists and the show had been transferred to cassette (as I recall). This 1st gen copy was put onto DAT and then CDR. However this new '1st gen' copy sounded brittle and lacked any bass whereas the original version that had surfaced a couple of years before (the one in this download) has a much more natural sound to it. Confused? Yes I am. I have a feeling that the so called '1st gen' copy may have been tampered with for some reason.

Don't know if you have it Steev. I can't seed at the moment.


06-27-08, 06:02 AM
hey Steev....what do you use to master? are you all digital or do you run analog..

06-27-08, 10:18 AM
If the video doesn't work why didn't you rip the audio from the video, reduce the file size to 350-450 MB and UL the audio?

06-27-08, 01:30 PM
Hi folks!

I just wanted to post that 1st gen transfer, it says its ATM207.
BUT testing the files (TLH) gave me strange results, all songs are 95% MPEG except for Purple Haze, that one is 100% CDDA. Got the set at the end of 2007, but i'm not sure where i got it from. It was either CT before the crash, the short live electric sky church tracker or the traders den.

Could anyone (who has it too) please test their files?
Or suggest a different software for a second test?

Somehow i don't trust the lossy detection here, the canny sound may confuse the software as (i think) it partly relies on spectrum analysis.
And there seems to be nothing in the spectrum above 19kHz, in the first 7 songs. Purple Haze (T9) has something above 19kHz and in T8 it grows from nothing to the level of T9.

So, what do?
Seed? No seed?


06-27-08, 05:03 PM
I've got a copy of ATM 207 that seems to check out ok with TLH. I got the ape files from a good friend (Jam 292 aka Dave G) that used to be (or still is) involved with the higher ups that put the ATM series together. I've created a MD5 file and that's all I've done to them since I got them. I can put them up if there's interest.

06-27-08, 05:19 PM
Please put the disc up.

Not just for me, but who knows who else got the files where i downloaded them.
And i want Steev to have to buy a new keyboard for all the liqued he drooled all over it :)

Roland Stone
06-28-08, 12:40 AM
Had a chance to compare this to the new "1st Generation" torrent. This one definitely is a smoother, more pleasant and easier listen. The other one is quite listenable too, but this one is better.

So I'm still eagerly awaiting your remaster.

06-29-08, 12:08 PM
agdm & norocker . . . . .
PLEEZ ! ! ! ! If the 207 is from another location at the Denver Show
PLEEZ PLEEZ put it up here. I left a l-o-n-g dissertation at NR's post with my final summation of what the orig DL-er of NR's version did to the same ver of my DVD and now Pat's FLAC version of my DVD. He EQ'd the fuck out of it and overloaded signals all over the place (effectively killing ANY bass response that was there) though, as I always look for the good, if he thought he was doing something "better" I thank him. But at the same time, that copy must (IMO) never receive an ATM #. If it's ok with Pat, I just got his FLAC ver of my DVD at another site & will put it up later this afternoon. It is actually ATM 118 (and with GOOD reason!! SWEET dude!)
Pat, I just listened to it & subbed yours for my DVD side. I am currently using NR's copy as the 3rd & 4th source. It's coming out pretty sweet (as I explained in your post NR) but would much rather prefer a different location to "Stereotize" ! ! ! ! my project. I have room for 12 more Stereo trax. If I can keep them real tight, maybe I'd use a bit of all 3.
Anyway - PLEEZ Post 207 if it's available??? I need to know!
Thanx everybody who is "waiting" or had a hand in the GIVING!
If this works, one of the best Jimi Hendrix shows (IMO) will be available for us all.
Cool9 - I explained in NR's post (and above on this post for that matter) why I offered the DVD as opposed to the FLAC. The answer is simple. Have a gander . . . . .
opib-Whatever u might think I said regarding you, all I want you to walk away with is a huge THANK YOU from me!!

Much Peace :) :rasta: :)
Roland - Keep your socks on :D

08-29-16, 05:55 PM
Could this intruiging concert perhaps be re-upped by someone? :)

09-16-16, 01:59 PM
I put this back in up memory of Steev. RIP my friend. My files are untouched since I downloaded this, but the folder name may be different than what was upped here. Now if we can just get the leachers connected...

09-27-16, 09:52 PM
I did not know... this is so terrible... I have chatted a few times with Steev a couple of years ago, about his splendidly worked on audio for this show and he was the friendliest and smartest guy I could ever imagine. What a loss... RIP Steev...

04-23-17, 03:52 PM
Always been my favourite show, hadn't heard the Star Spangled Banner before and it was great! Thanks for sharing