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Fenders Fingers
09-18-11, 08:32 AM
Brings us, on the aviversary of the passing of Jimi, an article from Johnny Black.

The focus of the article being Jimi's kidnap, or otherwise, in 1969.
I was suckered into buying this by the blurb on the card sleeve, "New Eyewitnesses tell all". Ho hum, one born every ....................... blah blah.

Blah, blah about sums it up really. It's a rehash of what we "know" already sprinkled with un-named "statements". Black concludes the article with, "Just one year later, Jimi Hendrix was dead following circumstances that have never been adequately explained. But that's another story. Or is it?
From that I guess he's got another similar type article to sell us. If it's as low on factual conent as this ............ ..... blah blah

The best bit of the article is really not part of Black's efforts. It's the (known) Alice Cooper meets Jimi in Phoenix. Just a few lines from the Guest Editor.

09-18-11, 11:37 PM
Just another example of how the power of hyping any aspect of Jimi is used to sell product.

Fenders Fingers
09-19-11, 01:41 AM
Indeed. I bought the mag on the basis of the cover comment.
Nothing wrong with Blacks's article, well written but the buyer is miss lead to start with.

09-19-11, 10:44 AM
I patiently await and look forward to Scrum Drum's opinion.