View Full Version : 1969-04-06 Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

Dolly Dagger
11-09-11, 12:04 PM
Sunday, April 6th, 1969
Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

Ships Passing In The Night
Ezy Ryder


Jimi Hendrix
and others
Lee Brown


Jam featured Jimi on a electric sitar, with a unknown bassist and drummer. Ezy Ryder is nothing more then the main Ezy Rider riff jammed upon.

10-06-15, 03:51 PM
Sunday 6 April 1969, Record Plant, New York City.
No gig.
MONTEREY POP can still only be seen at Kips Bay cinema, NYC
21:00 – 08:30, 11hr 30min
Producer: Jimi Hendrix
Engineers: Lee Brown & Sandy [surname?]

Vinnie Bell a noted session guitarist who invented the electric sitar was working at the Record Plant at this time so may have given/ loaned Jimi one to tryout.

Jimi – Coral electric sitar, [unknown] – bass, [unknown] – drums
“Jam” – unreleased. JMcD: “Ragged”
‘Ships Passing Through The Night’ (embryonic Night Bird Flying) - unreleased
‘Easy Rider’ (Ezy Ryder) (try out) – unreleased

The tape box for this session was marked as ‘Tape Of False Takes.’