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Dolly Dagger
11-09-11, 12:17 PM
Monday, April 7th, 1969
Record Plant, New York City, New York USA

Hear My Train A Comin'
Stone Free
Lullaby For The Summer (Ezy Ryder)


Jimi Hendrix
Mitch Mitchell
Noel Redding


Stone Free is revisited in hopes of producing a new single. Jimi plays around with the Ezy Ryder riff, calling it Lullaby For The Summer.

11-21-11, 03:07 AM
i remember how disappointed i was when i 1st saw that title, lullabye, hoping it was something new,and of course i had it for years:(

10-06-15, 04:33 PM
Monday 7 April 1969
Record Plant, New York City. No gig.
MONTEREY POP can still only be seen at Kips Bay cinema, NYC
Producer: Jimi Hendrix
Engineer: Sandy [surname?]

Stone Free (takes 1-10) unreleased
Stone Free (take 11, master take) (4, 5, 29, 31)
Getting My Heart Back Together (multiple takes, no master) (5, 62) rest unreleased
Lullaby For The Summer (1, 2 & 3) (became Ezy Ryder) rest unreleased

Eric Barrett (pub: August 1970): "Shit, man, Jimi doesn't want anything to do with her [“Jimi’s girlfriend”]. He left her in England. She followed him over on her own money. Once she got here he got her a hotel room, but it runs out today and he won't let her near him."
Doc Storch: "How'd she get hit?"
Eric Barrett: "She didn't - she got bombed out and fell down the steps at The Scene. Hit her head on the swinging door."
Jimi added a small note (also on Hotel Elysee paper – see letter to Uschi above) to ‘Trashman’a song he was writing around this time – he had recorded an instrumental (backing track?) with this title only 4 days previous:
“Gypsy talk –
She has been here 3 times and the 4th time, she was emptied in from the mouth of a bottle”
Kathy (interview 1972/73? claimed by C Knight): [She has just previously told how one of a group of blackwomen, who she saw as threatening, had tried to trip her up at Smalls Paradise earlier] “Jimi had been recording all day in some studio—I believe it was the Record Plant—and Jimi called the hotel and told me to come down there. It was about nine p.m. when I arrived, and just before I got to the door to go in the studio where Jimi was actually recording, I had to go up some steps, and there were these four white chicks waiting for me. I guess they were American groupies and they'd probably been in the studio, and as near as I can figure it out, they'd heard that I was coming down there and they didn't dig it because I was Jimi's chick; so they must have decided to wait outside and do me.
Well, before I knew what was happening they had knocked me down the steps and started kicking me everywhere. I don't exactly remember everything, but the next thing I knew, I was in an ambulance.”
Pat Hartley (interview 1973): “He [Jimi] was shy, but that doesn't mean he wasn't going to beat you up if you took too much of a liberty with him. Michael Jeffries allowed very little about Jimi to come out—he was very isolated [I][ie isolated from press scandal & the law (paying people off)].”
MF: “[what do you mean by that]?”
“It's so messy, it's got to do with Devon and six other chicks who Devon was pimping for Jimiand all kinds of weird shit going on and telephones ringing and girls being kicked downstairs and all kinds of nonsense. That's what it had to do with, and very late night acid trips and things like that ...
Jimi knew perfectly well that if he told Collette to come over on Thursday night at eight o'clock, Collette would call Stella, and Stella would tell Devon, and Devon would come over there and beat the door down and drag Jimi out to a party. It was fun and some of it was an absolute horror... I dunno, it takes a lot of energy out of you.”
8 no gig NYC
Kathy says a dealer named “Kranz who looked like Columbo” (interestingly there was a lawyer named Krantz who was the attorney with Steingarten, Wieden & Weiss in 1968 who arranged the purchase of the old ‘Village Barn’ premises for Mike & Jimi [their very short lived - two weeks? - ‘Generation’ club, before they turned it into Electric Lady studios]) turns up at the hotel with a bag full of what appeared to be packets of coke and a pistol. She says it’s the last straw and moves out.
Kathy moves in with Angie Burdon & “her man” in 5th Ave. She claims he is responsible for getting Angie into coke & heroin. She says all flights to the UK are booked, or she would have left that day.

8 No gig, New York City.
‘Infinity of Jimi’s’ photos for Life magazine with Raymundo de Larrain