View Full Version : composite needed: 1/1/70 2nd show "we got to live together"

12-05-11, 02:58 PM
bog 1/1/70 2nd show atm 170-171.

the tune 'we got to live together'.
What is used on the atm:
the official 10min version (LIVE AT THE FILLMORE EAST 1999 2cd) for the very beginning and the very end only. the large middle portion is from the tape copy.
Not only is the circulating tape copy in very poor quality, but there are serious sound problems at around 12-13 minutes of the tape version.

I was wondering if anyone has a composite of this tune which uses the the whole 10 minute official version, and only fills the 6 minutes of gaps with the crappy sounding 16min tape version.

thank you

07-05-13, 05:42 PM
Guess what - I have done it! I only did it the other week actually...and it took a long time. I was listening in the car to my mix the other day, and it is all fine, except the very first AUD tape edit...which I have to fix. I will send you a link shortly.
I have pretty much finished compiling all BoG Fillmore Shows, but I have gone back and re-done the first, and is much better now.
Only problem is, I don't think I can torrent at CTT because of all official stuff in there...

07-07-13, 11:31 AM
thank you for this. it definitely needed to be done. i hope that someday a better quality soundboard of some of the tunes from this show will surface.