View Full Version : HEY JOE TOP OF THE POPS 18-01-67 Does it exist?

07-04-08, 07:56 PM
The supposed copies I have of this (from 'Moonbeams & Fairytales' and European scraps) are just the same bad recording of the Hey Joe colour promo shot at the Saville in 1967. This uses the original single as the soundtrack, but cut up with the sound of Jimi's footsteps on the stairs, the dubbed screams as opens the stage door, and the sound of the taxi leaving the back door at the end. Is this "it" or is there a genuine tape out there, and If so, would some kind soul like to share it?

08-18-08, 09:00 AM
Thanks STPLSD, I would also like to know.
Guys, experts, anybody?
Please help!