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07-10-08, 11:30 AM
500,000 Halos

The title to this CD, 500,000 Halos, is a reference to Woodstock, though this CD features only one track from Jimi's Woodstock performance; it is however, the one most rarely found in complete form on any of the other releases. The track in question, Message To Love, here is called Message To The Universe. Drifter's Escape is the vocal overdub, you can hear the rough cut in the right channel, with Jimi's overdubs on the left. There are more Band Of Gypsy tracks here, including a live one from the 01/01/70 Filmore concert, 2nd show. A studio version of Villanova Junction appears, though I prefer the Woodstock version. Bolero follows, though I am not sure if it is the same track as the one from the classical composer Ravel. It sounds familiar though, so maybe it is. For a group that supposedly wasn't around very long, the BOG lineup sure did record a lot of tape. The previously mentioned Message To Love comes next, followed by Hendrix/Young Jam, which can also be found on the Message From Nine To The Universe CD, although it is more complete here. 500,000 Halos closes with an unreleased take of Belly Button Window, though the second half of this take was used in the officially released version.

Sound on this CD is excellent for the most part. And for a Hendrix collector, this CD is a must have, if just for the one track from Woodstock.

* Drifter's Escape
* Stone Free
* Villanova Junction Blues
* Bolero
* Getting My Heart Back Together Again
* Message To The Universe
* Hendrix/Young Jam
* Belly Button Window

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Excellent VC ~ thank you !

07-11-08, 06:10 PM
"...I am not sure if it is the same track as the one from the classical composer Ravel..."
No, completely different Bolero.
Bolero is an old Spanish dance, so this is a different Bolero like, for example, different valse, menuet, polka, polonaise or any form of dance you might want to compose.

Oh yes, about the title "Bolero", this song is also called "Here Comes The Sun" which sounds (to me) more like the title Jimi would choose. Who gave the title "Bolero" to this track, is it Jimi's original or some made-up title by the bootleggers? As far as I know this track appeared for the firast time on "The First Rays of the New Rising Sun (Triangle 2CD) boot as "Live and Let Live (Instrumental)" which is obviously a wrong title. When it became "Bolero"?
Maybe "500 000 Halos" boot introduced it for the first time.
Maybe Jimi wrote this title on some of his lyric-papers?
Someone knows more about it?
Thanks anyway...

Oh, about Message to the Universe, it's released complete and in much better quality on official Woudstock 2CD (MCA).

07-12-08, 03:13 AM
Hi Emil
happy to see you here again :wave:

07-12-08, 03:18 AM
It seems like "Bolero" was given as the title
in the studio log during the recording,
as it's discussed with that title in John McDermott's
"Sessions". The book has many factual errors,
but he surely didn't make up new song titles?
Maybe Jimi used both titles?

Oh, "Stone free" here is the 010170 2nd show version
officially released on MCA's Live at Fillmore East.
Young/Hendrix is not the track on Nine to the Universe,
it's what is usually called "Fuzzy guitar jam". From the sama session as Young/Hendrix, though.

07-12-08, 06:25 AM
Hi Roberto.
Thanks for the upload and of course, good to see and hear from you.

Dino, thanks for the info.
I'll check the Sessions book.
Considering making-up new titles, McDermott certainly didn't do it
(he's too honest Jimi-freak) but the studio log isn't necessary 100% reliable source in Jimi's case (IMHO) since so many people have been tinkering with these tapes over the years, it's entirely possible that someone else made-up the title for an unknown jam he found on an untitled tape-box. I'm sure Alan Douglas did that in more than one case. However, I might be very wrong.
I'm assuming all this because this title doesn't really fit to the music (MHO again).

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