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Hello ,
I am looking for the info file that came with this set. It lists the sources used ( Tape,LP,CD, etc.) for each track. I saw it in a Yahoo group a while ago, but I can't remember which one.

Thanks in advance.


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This set comprise the complete live recordings of Jimi with Curtis Knight, at least everything available at this time. They are compiled from LP, CD, and tape. I have frequently selected LP mixes over CD mixes, for several reasons. In some cases, the original versions without overdubs are not circulating, so altered mixes for these tracks are included instead. The most complete intros/outros were also used.

A tape has doing the rounds recently that has 90 minutes of live Knight material. The story is that a band member sourced this tape, but it is certainly not a raw recording straight from the live reels. Although it is nearly free of overdubs and edits, it seems to have some fake crowd noise added. An example of this is "Hold on to What You've Got", which is simulated stereo from a mono recording, but with crowd noises in stereo! Also, "Stand by Me" starts and stops suddenly on this tape, followed what sounds very much like some studio tape machine noise, and then the track restarts from the beginning. The tape is a mixture of mono, simulated stereo, and true stereo cuts.

In addition to containing a couple of alternate takes not generally available elsewhere, the tape contains new stereo mixes of previously mono-only cuts. Many tracks previously thought to be mono recordings are now seen to have been stereo recordings, and probably others were recorded in stereo which so far we have only in mono. One example of this is Sweet Little Angel, available without overdubs only in mono, which runs straight into Driving South. Since Driving South appears in stereo on tape, it is almost certain that Sweet Little Angel was recorded in stereo also.

At least two tracks on this tape (Killing Floor (3) and Last Night) are very probably studio cuts, despite the George's Club intro! Perhaps these are from a studio run-through before a live date. These will be found on the upcoming studio set. Doubtless others are studio tracks with overdubbed applause, but until some definitive information surfaces, the rest are all treated as live recordings.

The SPV CD's are problematic for a number of reasons, so they were used sparingly for this set. The cuts on those are tremendously compressed, and there is a lot of metallic harshness. Also, many of the mixes they include have overdubs, or are edited or incomplete. Finally, for some reason many tracks that appear in true stereo on tape or LP are given a simulated stereo mix with very little separation. A last rationale for preferring the tape or LP mixes is that the SPV CD's are in print, and easily available. It seemed more valuable to include harder-to-find sources, unless the CD version was clearly better. By the same token, the tape mixes are nearly all unavailable elsewhere, so virtually all of them were used in this set.

Tape tracks were subjected to a VERY light de-hiss, so that virtually no signal bandwidth was lost. This means that there is still some hiss present, but the high frequency edge has been removed. Also, tracks were pitch-corrected to match their official outings; pitch is very consistent from release to release, so they were taken to be a good reference standard. One exception is "Ain't That Peculiar", which is mastered slow on all official releases. LP tracks were manually de-clicked, and then underwent a light automated de-crackle. Starting sources were in pretty good shape, so the result is very good. A few vinyl tracks that were very harsh in the treble range had some very high frequency removed also. However, these are still vinyl, and they are not noise-free.

Each track is listed with the "Electric Gypsy" / "UniVibes" index number and the "Jimpress" / "Ben Franklin" index number. Sometimes the EG/UV number does not precisely match the particular mix, due to the fact that many of the mixes are not separated out by UV, or are on tape only. Ben Franklin calls some of the simulated stereo tracks mono, and others stereo. Simulated stereo can sound like one or the other, depending on its effectiveness in providing separation. The true stereo mixes all seem to have the vocals panned to the right channel. The simulated stereo and mono tracks come first, and the stereo tracks are at the end. These tracks are generally ascribed to George's Club 20 on 26 Dec 65 date and one other unknown Winter 1965-66 venue.

Track timings are given for the actual song, excluding spoken intros, and are not in general the times between CD index marks.

Jimi played guitar and performed vocals (lv or hv) as indicated:(lv)=Jimi lead vocals (hv)=Jimi harmony vocals

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Disc 1
[L451] You Got What It Takes (1) (hv) 4:23 (In the Beginning (Everest)) Mono with overdubs. Most complete and at correct speed only on a couple of LP's. There is still what sounds like an edit at 1:53 into the indexed track, which is present on all versions. The spoken intro is patched from In the Beginning (Ember), which was the only place i could find it. Unfortunately that LP adds fake applause, so you can hear a little of it during the intro.

[L403] Hang on Sloopy (3) (lv, 2nd half) 3:24 (Tape) Simulated stereo on tape. I've only found this on vinyl, and some releases have added echo. Most of the intro and the end (last 0:15) of the track are patched from LP (Last Night (Timewind)), since these are missing on the tape.

I'll Be Doggone (1) (hv) 3:45 (Tape) Simulated stereo, alternate take. There is also one LP release I know of that contains this track.
[L441] What'd I Say (1) (lv) 4:43 (Tape) Simulated stereo. This is overdubbed and incomplete on many releases, including the SPV CD, but appears unaltered in mono on several vinyl releases.

[L405] Bo Diddley (2) (lv) 3:04 (Tape) Simulated stereo. This also appears on a few vinyl releases.

[L438] Hold (on to) What You've Got 3:03 (Tape) Simulated stereo. Another track that I've only seen on a few LP's. This track has echo added to the mix on all releases, which is lacking on the tape copy.

[L452] I'm a Man (4) (lv) 3:35 (Tape) Simulated stereo. Only two releases I know of have this track.

[L437] Stand by Me 3:59
Simulated stereo. Appears on a couple of vinyl releases with bass overdubs.

Ain't That Peculiar? (1) (some hv) 4:29
Simulated stereo, complete. Official releases are incomplete and overdubbed, and in addition have this track mastered slow.

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (1) 2:58 (Tape) Simulated stereo, complete. The longest versions on official releases are still slightly incomplete, and have overdubs.

One Night with You (2) 3:05 (Tape) Simulated stereo. Only available on tape.

[L424] Walkin' the Dog (1) (lv) 2:49 (Guitar Giants Vol. 2)
Simulated stereo with added echo. Appears in this least altered form on a couple of releases, and on one other release with echo and added crowd noise. The end (last few seconds) is patched from Last Night (Timewind).

[L421] Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go (1) 3:49
(In the Beginning (Ember)) Simulated stereo, unfortunately with added crowd noises. This is the only release I know of with the complete and unedited track.

[L448] California Night (4) (lv) 4:21 (Guitar Giants Vol. 1) Simulated stereo. A moderately scarce track, I haven't found this on CD, and only on two vinyl releases.

[L404] Twist and Shout (hv) 3:10 (Looking Back with Jimi Hendrix) Simulated stereo. On a few vinyl releases. Also on tape, but with excessive hiss and in poorer

[L444] Day Tripper (4) (lv) 2:49
(In the Beginning (Everest))
Simulated stereo --> mono. This is the only release I know of that includes this track, but has some crowd noises added. There is also strong echo on one channel. I averaged the channels so that the echo is much less noticeable.

[L430] Bright Lights, Big City (2) (lv) 3:22 (Guitar Giants Vol. 3) Probably mono in origin, but with stereo overdubs. Most other releases cut the end of this track; only a few releases have the complete track at correct speed.

[L418] Land of a Thousand Dances (lv) 4:34
(Guitar Giants Vol. 1) Mono with stereo overdubs. Appears on several vinyl releases.

[L433] Bleeding Heart (7) (lv) 2:29 (Tape) This is the original mono, with a little bit at the end added from LP. It is still incomplete, fading out before the end. It is a few seconds more complete than on the SPV CD.

Get out of My Life Woman (1) (lv) 3:41 (Tape) Mono, complete. All releases have this incomplete and overdubbed.

[L1450] I Got You (I Feel Good) (1) (hv) 2:59 (CD: Something on Your Mind) Mono with added echo. This appeared for the first time on the SPV CD. Sounds like it could be Lonnie Youngblood on vocals?

Disc 2

[L432] Wooly Bully (hv) 3:28 (Tape) Mono. Appears on a few vinyl releases. The spoken intro is in simulated stereo, and there is an audible break in the tape, so it may be that this intro doesn't go with this track.

[L425] There Is Something on Your Mind (2) 5:28 (CD: Something on Your Mind) Simulated stereo. This is in mono on one LP release in complete form. In this case the CD version is substantially better; on the vinyl the vocals are buried in the mix.

[L447] California Night (6) (lv) 3:45
(CD: On the Killing Floor)
This is in mono on one vinyl release, where it has strong and annoying added echo. This is the simulated stereo mix with less echo, and is much more listenable. This track fades out before the end on all releases.

[L1452] Money (3) (hv) 3:42 (CD: On the Killing Floor) Simulated stereo with added echo. This appeared for the first time on the SPV CD.

[L415] I'll Be Doggone (3) (hv) 2:35 (What'd I Say) Mono with stereo overdubs. This appears on many releases, though some have a portion repeated so that the track runs longer. This is the case for this release, but i think it's a clearer mix, so i used this source and edited out the repeated portion. This track fades before the end on all releases.

I Got You (I Feel Good) (2) (hv) 0:52 (Tape) Mono alternate take. This is incomplete on tape. Lonnie Youngblood on vocals?

[L423] Sweet Little Angel (5) 4:33 (Guitar Giants Vol. 3) Mono. This appeared on the SPV CD in simulated stereo with added echo. Other vinyl releases add crowd noise or echo. There are only two releases I know of with the original unaltered mono. The very end of this track is found at the start of Driving South, and these two have been edited together here. Although a mono track, it was apparently recorded in stereo.

[L406] Drivin' South (16) (hv) 5:34 (Tape) Stereo. The unedited mono without overdubs is available on vinyl. Short missing parts on tape are patched from the SPV CD, which has a simulated stereo mix. This runs straight into the next track.

[L419] You Got Me Running (1) (hv) 3:48 (Tape) Stereo. There are only two releases I know of with the unaltered track. Some releases add echo or crowd noise, or include a doctored edit. The SPV CD has a simulated stereo mix.

[L436] Just a Little Bit (2) 1:27 (Tape) Stereo. Also on a few vinyl releases in simulated stereo with added echo.

[L434] Have Mercy (2) (hv) 3:29
Stereo. Only one release contains this track that i know of, where it is in mono.
[L435] Something You've Got (2/1) (lv) 2:52 (Mr. Pitiful) Stereo/simulated stereo. The only release containing this track that i know of. The tape has the
start of this in true stereo. I have patched that onto the LP version.

Satisfaction (1) 4:29 (Tape) Stereo. Some official releases have this track complete, but with overdubs. Intro patched from
Guitar Giants Vol. 3.

[L407] I'm a Man (2) (lv) 4:53 (The Legends of Rock) Stereo. This is on many releases; its appearance on the SPV CD is nearly mono. It was released incomplete on "Live and Unreleased". I swapped the channels so that the vocals are in the right channel, matching the other stereo tracks. I also attenuated 3 short bursts of added
echo near the end of the track.

[L420] Money (1) 3:30 (Tape) Stereo. This appears only on a few releases, and on some there is added crowd noise. The unedited track appears on one or two LPs in mono.

[L445] Mr. Pitiful (1) 3:05 (In the Beginning (Everest)) Stereo. Appeared on SPV CD in a nearly mono mix. This is the only other appearance of this track that I know of. Fades before the end on all releases. Lonnie Youngblood on vocals?

[L439] Killing Floor (2) (lv) 3:29 (Mr. Pitiful) Stereo. This is also available on the SPV CD in a narrow mix.

[L392] Come On (Pt. 1) (5) (faint vocals) 4:18 (In the Beginning (Ember)) Stereo. This release has added crowd noise, but the other vinyl has a mono mix, and the SPV CD has a nearly mono mix. Fades before the end on all releases.

[L1448] Shotgun (2) 4:14 (Tape) Stereo. Also on the SPV CD in simulated stereo.

[L1449] Band Outro (Outro Theme) 0:53 (Tape) Stereo. Also on the SPV CD in simulated stereo.

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You haven't asked for this but since I've already posted info for live tracks, here it is for the studio as well:

This set includes the complete studio recordings of Jimi with Curtis Knight, until rumoured additional tracks see the light of day. There is a great deal of worthwhile playing in these recordings. Knight's vocals on the 1965 recordings can turn toward the trivial (Simon Says, Gotta Have a New Dress) or downright silly (UFO, Strange Things); on the 1967 tracks they are often rambling afterthoughts; but Jimi's signature guitar is always there. Unlike on the live recordings, Jimi makes almost no vocal contribution on the studio tracks.

As with the live set, here the SPV CDs have in general been avoided, because of their compression, clipping, and processed sound. In some cases they were needed for mixes or tracks that appear nowhere else. All tracks are stereo except where mono is noted. LP tracks were manually de-clicked, and then underwent a light automated de-crackle. Starting sources were in pretty good shape, so the result is very good.

Each track is listed with the "Electric Gypsy" / "UniVibes" index number and the "Jimpress" / "Ben Franklin" index number. Sometimes the EG/UV number does not precisely match the particular mix, due to the fact that many of the mixes are not separated out by UV, or are on releases not covered there.
Track timings are given for the actual song, excluding spoken intros, and are not in general the times between CD index marks.

The particular mix chosen for each track was a subjective thing, but generally stereo, most complete, least overdubbed mixes were used. Even after those guidelines were used, there were some choices to make, and these were made based on sound quality and some attempt to have mixes within each group of tracks be roughly consistent with each other.

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Disc 1: Studio, 1965

The first 3 tracks are demos with Jimi on guitar and Curtis Knight on vocals. They appeared for the first time on the SPV CD's. The guitar on "If You Gonna Make a Fool of Somebody" is very different from that on the other 3 tracks, and Jimi's participation is questionable. The track is included just in case.

[S1442] U.F.O. (3) 2:54
(CD: Ballad of Jimi)

[S1444] Better Times Ahead 2:33
(CD: Ballad of Jimi)

[S1445] Everybody Knew but Me 1:32
(CD: Ballad of Jimi)

If You Gonna Make a Fool of Somebody 2:43
(CD: Ballad of Jimi)

On the remaining tracks, Jimi plays guitar (except for U.F.O. (1)). On the first 4 tracks, Jimi plays a straight guitar, and the mixes have his guitar left and the vocals either down the center or to the right.

[S402] Don't Accuse Me (2) 3:57
(CD: Historic Hendrix)
Some releases have added backing vocals and doctored the track. This mix drops the
backing vocals and is unedited.

[S373] Fool for You Baby (1) 1:47
(CD: Historic Hendrix)
The SPV CD mix is edited to run longer, this is the unaltered track.

[S365] Gotta Have a New Dress (1) 3:05
(LP: Get That Feeling)
The SPV CD has this track edited to run slightly longer. This is the unaltered version.

[S379] Welcome Home (2) 3:33
(LP: The Wild One)
This is a couple of seconds more complete than on the SPV CD.

On the next 7 tracks, Jimi plays fuzz guitar. Generally, guitar is mixed left and vocals are right. Exceptions are noted.

[S370] Knock Yourself Out (3) 5:58
(LP: Looking Back with Jimi Hendrix)
Instrumental track, stereo and complete, this mix has bass and drums central.

[S1433] How Would You Feel (2) 3:10
(CD: Historic Hendrix)
This is the slightly longer stereo mix.

[S380] Simon Says (1) 3:12
(LP: Historic Hendrix)
Several releases, including the SPV CD, have added horns on this track. This mix
without horns is found on many releases.

[S385] Strange Things (1) 2:58
(CD: Historic Hendrix)
The SPV CD has this track edited. This unedited mix is found on many releases.
The stereo image is reversed on this track, so the channels were swapped so that
the mix matches the others.

[S396] Hornet's Nest (3) 3:39
(LP: Hush Now)
Instrumental track; this is the complete edit with no organ, only found on this LP. Other
releases include the organ track or have an incomplete mono mix.

[S1443] You Don't Want Me (3) 2:59
(CD: Balled of Jimi)
Other releases have a vocal mix, this is the only place to find the instrumental mix
(but see bonus tracks for the vocal mix). The fuzz guitar is mixed to the right on
this release.

[S399]/ No Such Animal Part 1/Part 2 4:49
[S400] (original single)
This mono track is found on one LP release complete, and on all other releases split in two.
Here the two overlapping parts have been restored to form the complete track.

[S446] U.F.O. (1) 2:47
(LP: The Legends of Rock)
This mono mix is longer and does not include the very annoying added "alien" vocals.
This is the only release that has it, to my knowledge.
This track was initially thought to be from the 1967 sessions, but there are several
indications that it is probably from 1965. The guitar here is not Jimi, and he doesn't
play bass on any of the other 1965 tracks, so the question arises whether Jimi contributes
on this track or not. It is included just in case.

Bonus Tracks

The Original Singles

They're incomplete and mono, but they're also historic. The 4 original single sides on RSVP appeared in 1965, before Jimi's fame, so they're honest representations of his session playing from this period. Also included is the single mix of "You Don't Want Me", although this didn't appear until August 1967. Since this is the only 1965 studio track available in both vocal and instrumental mixes, it seemed worthwhile to include the vocal mix.

[S355] How Would You Feel (1) 2:45
(single: RSVP 1120)

[S356] Welcome Home (5) 2:43
(single: RSVP 1120)

[S357] Hornet's Nest (1) 2:26
(single: RSVP 1124)

[S358] Knock Yourself Out (1) 2:35
(single: RSVP 1124)

[S359] You Don't Want Me (1) 2:11
(LP: Flashing (Nardem))

The George's Club Rehearsals

I think now that these tracks should have been included with the live set. Even though it seems extremely likely that these are not live tracks, they almost certainly date from the George's Club period rather than from the October 1965 sessions. They were probably either studio rehearsals or (less likely) on-stage rehearsals for the George's Club gig. Both tracks are taken from the collector's tape that was used for the live set. The tracks are in true stereo.

[L408] Killing Floor (3) 3:13
First part of the intro is not on tape, so this is patched in from LP.

[S450] Last Night (1) 2:23

Disc 2: Studio, 7/67

These sessions are of interest because they were recorded after Jimi was well on his way to stardom. Many appear to have originally been instrumental tracks, onto which Knight overdubbed vocals. In many cases the instrumental mixes were selected, either because they appear to have originally been recorded that way or to highlight Jimi's playing. Some alternate vocal mixes of those songs that probably had original vocals are included with the bonus tracks.

The following tracks feature Jimi on guitar.

[S683] Gloomy Monday (5) 1:05
(LP: You Can't Use My Name)
Incomplete first take, preceded by that remarkable studio chat.

[S684] Gloomy Monday (6) 2:33
(LP: You Can't Use My Name)
Second take.

[S397] Gloomy Monday (2) 2:12
(CD: Historic Hendrix)
This is the official take, which fades incomplete at the end on all releases.

[S378] Hush Now (2) 1:19
(LP: The Eternal Fire of Jimi Hendrix)
This incomplete alternate instrumental take is only available in un-doctored form (1)
on the SPV CD, but the mix is much inferior to the mix used for (2). Unfortunately,
(2) is edited with repeats to make the track longer. Here the repeats in (2) are removed
and the original track restored.

[S391] Love Love (1) / Mercy Lady Day 8:42
(LP: The Legends of Rock)
This is the complete instrumental mix.

[S389] Ballad of Jimi (6) / My Best Friend 2:27
(CD: Ballad of Jimi)
The instrumental mix is available on several releases. This is an alternate instrumental
mix from the SPV CD, with the percussion less prominent. This is one of the few tracks
on the SPV CDs that is not compressed and clipped. For the vocal mix, see the
bonus tracks.

[S390] Hush Now (5) 6:49
(CD: Historic Hendrix / LP: Looking Back with Jimi Hendrix)
The best mix (of the many out there) of this track. Complete, and without vocals.
The track is incomplete on this CD, so the remainder (in the same mix) was added
from LP.

[S397] Gloomy Monday (4) 3:06
(LP: Hush Now)
This mono official take is included because it has some different guitar by Jimi.
The vocals by Knight are also different. As far as I know this is the only release that
has it.

[S371] Happy Birthday (1) 2:00
(CD: Historic Hendrix)
This vocal track is available on many releases. There is an instrumental mix, but it
is very incomplete. The SPV CD contains a doctored edit. Note that this is essentially
another take of "Love Love" with different vocals, or perhaps "Love Love" was a jam
around the theme of "Happy Birthday".

On the remaining tracks Jimi plays fuzz bass.

[S387] Day Tripper (1) / Future Trip (1) / Flashing (1) 8:16
(LP: My Best Friend)
This is the complete instrumental medley from which these 3 tracks were extracted and vocals added. Only available on a few LPs, of which this is the best sounding.

[S1451] Odd Ball (3) 4:46
(CD: Something on Your Mind)
This longest mix of this instrumental track is only available on this release.

[S388] No Business (2) / Sleepy Fate 2:50
(LP: My Best Friend)
Instrumental mix. Most releases contain the vocal mix.

[S393] Get That Feeling (1/3) / Second Time Around 10:43
(LP: Guitar Giants Vol. 1 / LP: My Best Friend)
This is mostly an instrumental mix, which fades about 1:40 before the end. The
remainder has been edited on from one of the vocal mixes, which are also cut
during the drum solo. So this is a more complete version than any released mix.
There is some unavoidable change in sound between the mixes. Note: this instrumental
mix is wider stereo than the version on the LP "Second Time Around".

08-11-08, 09:48 PM
Bonus Tracks: Vocal mixes

Since much of the 1967 material is available in both instrumental and vocal mixes, a sampling of the vocal edits are included as extra tracks. The only other 1967 track with a vocal mix is "Get That Feeling", but a sample of that is available as the end of the version above (which is probably more than enough). There's also "Future Trip", but that is part of the long "Day Tripper" jam and again, two parts of that jam with vocals are probably sufficient... "No Business" and "Ballad of Jimi" were probably originally recorded as vocal tracks, so it seemed particularly important to include these. For the remaining tracks, the choice of mix/edit was difficult here, as with the rest of the studio material, but space limitations dictated using shorter vocal edits. The ones included are vinyl single edits, and these appeared on some of the earliest singles and LPs of the 1967 material. However, the historical value of the actual single mixes isn't as great as that of the true pre-Experience singles from 1965, so stereo mixes were used for these rather than the mono mixes from the actual singles.

[S363] No Business (4) 2:26
(CD: Historic Hendrix)
There are many releases with this vocal mix. The SPV CD has this track edited to run longer.

[S362] Ballad of Jimi (2) 2:23
(LP: In Memoriam)
This mix with the original vocals is harder to find, only appearing on a few of the earliest releases.

[S368] Hush Now (8) 3:48
(LP: My Best Friend)
This is the shorter of the two single edits, which appears in a stereo mix on many releases. The stereo on this LP is somewhat wider than on others.

[S369] Flashing (2) 2:30
(CD: Historic Hendrix)
This is the original single edit, the B-side to "Hush Now", here mixed in stereo.

[S374] Day Tripper (6) 2:43
(CD: Historic Hendrix)
Another single edit that appears in stereo on many releases.

[S395] Love Love (6) 5:12
(CD: Historic Hendrix)
Released as the flip side to "Day Tripper" on single, but here in stereo.

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