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08-13-08, 11:38 AM
http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/6743/dagger68zp3.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By emilovius (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/emilovius)

08-13-08, 11:45 AM
We all know how Paris '68 tracks sound (they've been released on Stages and many other semi-official releases) however, interesting part is last three tracks.
They are from Ottawa '68 but the 1st show - excellent soundboard recording (check the samples on EH website). Unfortunately, three tracks only (Sgt Pepper's LHCB, Fire and PH). Too bad - however, better something than nothing
(I'm an optimist, obviously).
http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/6619/622001080ru5.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By emilovius (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/emilovius)

08-13-08, 11:46 AM
http://img393.imageshack.us/img393/7809/disc10back1cb5.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
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08-13-08, 11:49 AM
http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/3729/disc10back2mu1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
By emilovius (http://profile.imageshack.us/user/emilovius)

08-13-08, 12:24 PM
sounds pretty cool, I might check this one out, thanks for the update

08-13-08, 03:25 PM
Gotta order this one.. three new Jimi tracks is worth it IMHO :) Makes me wonder if EH have anymore unreleased live songs ...

08-13-08, 08:17 PM
that leaves Stockholm67 and SanDiego69 for the next 2 Dagger releases, maybe LA69 after that.

08-14-08, 04:31 AM
that leaves Stockholm67 and SanDiego69 for the next 2 Dagger releases, maybe LA69 after that.

They will, of course, "re-master" them so all the dynamics would be gone and collectors will still be forced (as they are now) to search for "bad" Alan Douglas OOP releases like Stages. Poor Alan, we criticized him so much but now it appears that he wasn't so bad. At least you could communicate with him and he was willing to listen what the die-hard collectors think even if he rarely did what they wanted. However, Univibes CDs were possible (thanks to Alan) and today, such a project is impossible. And to remind you all one more time, Caesar wanted to release Woburn tape on 4th Univibes CDs but didn't get the permission from EH - just for the record!

08-16-08, 10:06 AM
Yes...and Alan Douglas always tried to get the best sound possible, those old cd's and vinyls sound better than what is released now...strange when you consider all the improvement in sound technology...just sad really. very sad.

08-16-08, 12:16 PM
Some Dagger release... Bought the Paris show on vinyl, years and years ago, and i also have the Stages set. 3 new songs? I believe i'll survive not hearing new versions of those 3. NOT worth the price of a full CD, IMO... The liner notes will probably be yet ANOTHER case of McDermott rehashing his SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT book.

Look at all the stuff they have! When will they deliver the REAL goods?

08-16-08, 01:13 PM
i wonder if eh feels indifferent about my inentions to just download the 3 new songs. maybe I should take a picture of all the music I have bought from them so they can realize they have already sucked me dry...

08-16-08, 04:09 PM
One thing about Dagger releases is interesting.
For some reason, Hendrix fans are very loyal towards Experience Hendix
when it comes to these releases. Check better and you'll see how difficult it is in fact to download a lossless version of any of these releases. I remember being unable to order the Burning Desire disc (they ship only to 45 countries and mine isn't one of them) and it took nearly a year to find a lossless version on the Internet. Considering artwork, I still never saw a nice and complete scan of the original anywhere on the net (??).

08-17-08, 01:46 PM
i wouldn't call it loyal, i'd say fear of being sued plays a bigger part for finding a copy. When oink was around, all the dagger releases were obtainable in a lossless format. there are other torrent sites that branched out of that, but I havn't kept up with any of that in awhile.

08-17-08, 06:53 PM
One more thing.
I don't think fear has anything to do with missing of Dagger releases because ALL other EH releases are widely available (including the latest Monterey DVD and audio discs as well as purple box set, Woodstock DVD and CD etc... all the way to the Blues, AYE and other earliest releases. Only Dagger releases aren't available widely (I didn't say they are not available at all - but you have to search quite awhile to find them).

Considering Paris Ottawa, well, I'l buy it because:
1. I don't want to pay 60 Dollars for the "special" Japanese Reclamation's pressing
2. I want to have those 3 new tracks on factory pressed CD and nice new booklet.

Those of you who think it's too much to pay 15 Dollars for it
I can't understand.

08-17-08, 07:14 PM
Those of you who think it's too much to pay 15 Dollars for it I can't understand.Try being unemployed for a long time or on a fixed income that is usually around the poverty level or .... too many ...

08-18-08, 04:49 AM
Try being unemployed for a long time or on a fixed income that is usually around the poverty level or .... too many ...

If your reason is poverty. say it, I did not hear anyone mentioning it in the above discussion and by the way, that's not an argument against the product's "too high" price. However, I'm a Jimi FREAK and in the days when illegal Internet downloading wasn't around, NOTHING was too high for me to pay for a new Jimi's sound even if I had to save money for YEARS. Then I was less then 20, student and in VERY difficult financial situation (one you
on western social-fares can't imagine).
And, just by the way, I'm unemployed, too.

However, we're here to discuss JIMI HENDRIX (in this case the latest Dagger release) and not our social status or problems. Please, if you have nothing to say about the latest DAGGER release, don't post here. If you want to talk about something else, make a comment on high CD-prices, open another thread. Thank you.

08-18-08, 10:56 AM
...I can't understand.Yeah, you got that right!

08-18-08, 12:29 PM
...However, I'm a Jimi FREAK and in the days when illegal Internet downloading wasn't around, NOTHING was too high for me to pay for a new Jimi's sound even if I had to save money for YEARS...

talk about vicarious living, what else did you sacrifice in your life for your fix?

08-18-08, 01:36 PM
talk about vicarious living, what else did you sacrifice in your life for your fix?

You obviously know more about my own life than I do.
I also know (lack of interest, I admit) nothing about yours.
So, please, tell me, what did I not sacrifice for it
and what exactly did you?

08-18-08, 03:18 PM
Emil, you have been quite negative with several members and in some recent posts lately. Everything ok?

08-18-08, 03:33 PM

08-18-08, 07:18 PM

Take care bro',

08-19-08, 04:23 AM
I agree and understand what it means to spend your money wisely, however, when it comes to Jimi, I rarely do that, to tell the truth.
I'm visiting CD shops, eBay and other Internet markets on a daily basis and today you can't buy a new CD for 15 Dollars + shipping anywhere.
Considering profits, these recording need no production, pre-production, mixing etc... I mean, production costs are minimal as well as costs of marketing. All EH usually do is putting the date of release on it's website.
So, even if they sell 10000 copies only, it's all profit practically if you consider how cheap it is the production of a CD these days (including booklet and everything else).
And finally, I don't think EH cares much about what's going on on torrent and bootleg markets (with some exceptions). They do monitor carefully but the selling figures probably say that we (collectors and torrent freaks) are not the majority of their buyers and that even majority of us do buy their products.
Many of us did complain about Paris being on this release (me included) but it was released on very expensive box-set nearly 20 years ago. For kids who are majority of their customers still, it's an eternity. Also, Paris being one of the most bootlegged (quality) titles in the past years it's a good thing that if you need it you don't have to buy expensive illegal releases.
I also hink that EH doesn't have so much (if any at all) quality stuff as we think. Private collectors are the ones who dedicated their lives to find new stuff. It's hard to believe that they haven't dug it all up yet, or most of it.
However, we can hope for miracles. Hope dies last...
Oh yes, one more thing, why are people expecting some spectacular stuff from Dagger releases at all? When was the last time on Dagger released something that we didn't have before except a song or two? I'll tell you - On Live at Oakland. All other Dagger releases were already circulating (at least 85% of what was on them). So three new songs are not a surprise if you ask me. I'm grateful anyway, I've only heard rumors about Ottwa's 1st show before. Now we'll finally hear (at least) 3 songs from it. I can't wait....

08-19-08, 09:25 AM
>>When was the last time on Dagger released something that we didn't have before except a song or two? I'll tell you - On Live at Oakland. <<

What about Paris '67/ SF 2/4/68? The second half of that CD was all-new, 40 minutes of live Jimi - it even had Buddy Miles sitting in! Sure, I had Paris '67 elsewhere and still haven't bothered listening to the first half of that disc, but the second half was worth the money. This new one I'm not super-enthused about - sure, new soundboard Jimi always deserves a dance-of-joy, but $5 apiece for a new PH, FL and Sgt Peppers? I'd pay that for a new Tax Free, Johnny B. Goode, and Sunshine Of Your Love... heck, any *one* of those would probably make me buy this release. But PH and FL are far too common songs... eh, I'll wait and see what those of you who do buy it think before I venture my $15.

08-19-08, 09:49 AM
"...What about Paris '67/ SF 2/4/68? The second half of that CD was all-new..."

True, sorry, slip up, but I hope you'd agree anyway that Dagger releases usually do not deliver complete new discs of Jimi's music so this one, even delivers only 3 new songs isn't something out of the ordinary.
However, Jimi was in fantastic form during the 2nd show in Ottawa, judging by the samples of these 3 new songs, it seems that he was during the 1st show too. We'll see. I'm not overly enthusiastic with Fires and Foxy Ladies when they come as bad audience recordings but these 3 new songs sound to my ears like from a very good soundboard. And new soundboard of any of Jimi's songs is always a treat, at least to me.

08-19-08, 10:27 AM
maybe some of us were expecting dagger to finally live up to the name they have given themselves...

09-04-08, 03:14 PM
I don't get it...

how people like you, who adore Jimi's soul, can buy something from Experience Hendrix and by doing that contributing Janie Hendrix money to continue using Jimi's legacy and spirit to make more money.

don't forget she dag out Jimi's body just for the sake of making few more dollars.

"But as far as I know, they may even try to wrap me up in cellophane and try and sell me" - Jimi Hendrix

" Brothers help me, and dont worry about lookin at the storm
" - Jimi Hendrix

I think everybody who buy a CD from EH are definitely not helping Jimi !!!

think about that for a sec, we are enjoying so much from his music , let's give his memory a big thank you by not buying anything from EH.

09-04-08, 03:32 PM
I don't think the way you do, Univibs, but I started this thread so everyone can express their feelings about this subject (Dagger releases and particularly new one).
I appreciate and respect everybody's personal opinion.

09-05-08, 04:16 PM
With regard to the re-bury, that is her and Al's choice and right to do so.

that's the point, there is a red line !.
come on !
to use Jimi's body just to make a few more $$$ ?, maybe she has the legal right to do so,but consciously it's illegal.

if she has the legal custody on Jimi's legacy, where was she when someone released a sex tape with the title "Jimi Hendrix" on it ?
why she didn't send any lawyer to prevent that from happen ?
perhaps it's better then a good P.R ?
she has the power, when someone wanted to release the woburn abbey show a few of years back, I think that she didn't allow it, so why not to stop a sex tape with the title " Hendrix" on it ?

all that, make me think that the only difference between michael jeffry and Janie Hendrix is that: he used Jimi while he(Jimi) was alive, she uses him while he is dead.

I think that Leon(Hendrix's brother) was against her acts all the time but maybe he didn't had the financial power to fight her.

when Alan Douglas did his thing, he mess around only with the music,
he didn't manufacture coffee mugs and toys with Jimi's picture on them, he had a little respect to the man.

bottom line -
I read here that people complain about the quality of the stuff she releases anyway.
most of the time we dealing with shows that we know for years.
for fact, most of Dagger releases are things that I heard before.
so now that we set that record straight we can go to the one and only conclusion - shutting down EH.
the Music of Jimi Hendrix is eternal, we don't need another Michael Jeffry.

and we definitely don't need to be the sponsors !

09-05-08, 05:19 PM
EH is a musical production company, not Jimi's archive or museum. They are commercial company. If they thought that most fans already have all the stuff they released on Dagger, believe me, they wouldn't have released them. They do not make these releases for die-hard collectors. They make tham for general Hendrix fan-base and die-hard collectors are huge minority among them.
I don't like all that EH does but I understand them.
I've heard people talking about Black Gold. What exactly these Black Gold tapes contain? How do they sound? Nobody knows exactly but EH should release them! Believe me guys, whatever EH releases in the future, even if they release Black Gold or Woburn, we're not going to be satisfied.
Considering legal stuff, sex tap and Leon. Sex tape rights are not owned by EH and they can't do anything about it. Like it or not.
Considering Leon, I sympathize with the guy, but who of you can honestly say that he would be able to responsibly run a hot-dog-kiosk not to mention multi-million-Dollar company?
And finally, you really don't need to buy EH releases. Nobody's forcing you to be their sponsor last time I've checked.

09-07-08, 10:55 PM
-- I plan to copy it and Ebay the original.Why not vine it here? If you do, put me 1st on the list! - ;)

09-07-08, 11:50 PM
... On the other had when you say vine it here-- are we talking snail mail ?affirmative

09-08-08, 12:31 AM
I think Leon would have run the company straight into the ground. ELectric Vodka is a serious breach of Jimi' legacy- but so was that Red wine crap that EH (Janie) put out. As far as reburing Jimi-- I dont see how that had anything to do with money. Ethically I think you have a point-- one thing for sure- Jimi's mom wont be buried next to him. Personally I hate this burial structure- looks like a Nazi Helment on stilts. In any event the Dagger release will be in my mail box this week-- I plan to copy it and Ebay the original. 20 bucks for 3 songs just aint going to cut in my book- Thats my opinion which i might add Im an expert on my own opinion

Please do not eBay it. Sell it to me. EH do not ship their products to my country (in fact they ship only to 45 countries out of more than 200 on this planet - talking about non-discrimination of Jimi's fans). I'm offering you 30 Dollars + shipping.
And thanks in advance!

Considering Jimi's new resting place - I agree. It's simply ugly and pretentious. Well...it talks about those who built it, not about Jimi.
That's all I'll say about it (I'm really holding myself back, and very tightly...
it's Jimi's family, unfortunately ....).

09-09-08, 12:38 PM
Hi Emil

you have a deal-- Ill get back to you for your address after I receive the item.

Please email me at


Thanks a lot!

09-09-08, 12:42 PM
Just got the Dagger in the mail today--Emil contact me please- your contact info seems appears not to be avail.

Please email me at (once again):


Thanks a million!

09-10-08, 06:55 AM
Hi Emil
I cant connect to that address for some reason. Please send an email to sdebash@wowway.com.

thank you

Forget about it.
Thanks anyway.

09-10-08, 07:29 PM
no problem-- why not get it for free--Ive already sent out a vine of it.

Great! That's very nice of you Scott.
We can close the deal as soon as you're able to reach me
(you've reached me last week from your michigan.gov address - and
I responded about the P20P discs).

09-11-08, 03:06 PM
Recieved my copy today, its pretty nice and the three tracks from ottawa are nice! but the liner notes are kinda crappy, otherwise nice CD, and i dont have the stages boxset so it was worth the money anyway :)

09-13-08, 06:55 AM
No problem
Trade is OK, too.
I can send you all the P2xPs.
Thanks Scott.