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09-19-12, 03:48 PM
This is a great web site that has been up for years, I have used it many times to find a particular version of a program, never had any problems(so far). Just recently needed to have Quicktime installed on my older PC, now I don't need the NEW deluxe version, 'cause I just need the basic files to be recognized and I don't use Quicktime for playing videos, and I don't need their extra equalizer for audio.
Might come in handy someday...I have the site bookmarked myself and still use it from time to time(like today..that's why I figured I'd post it here)
They have the current version of whatever and then goes back from there. It lists the exact version number (there sometimes can be a HUGE difference between fro example a v7.2 and a v7.3)
On the other hand these so-called updated newer versions have so much extra sh*t in them, and I hare all these other misc. programs running in the background.
like the site heading says:
Sometimes newer is not better!

PS: You do NOT have to register or anything to download.