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11-30-12, 09:50 AM
Hi Gang,

I regulary read a "deals" site here in the U.S. called "Slickdeals". I signed up for the following offer myself, but I'm still awaiting the e-mail confirmation, so I cannot confirm whether or not it works and if I've gotten any "spam" following signup. All signs point to it being legit, however, so I thought I'd pass the info along just in case:


Adorama is an online camera/electronic equipment company here in the U.S. If you sign up for their "VIP Service", which they are temporarily offering for free, you get 20GBs of cloud storage from Pogoplug. This is supposedly free storage for life. I figured folks on this site could use 20GBs for file sharing, etc., so it's worth a shot. Again, I can't confirm the details other than Slickdeals is a very reputable forum here and Adorma is a legit "i.e. not a shady or 'fly by night' operation" business here. Good luck!

12-21-12, 01:04 AM