View Full Version : ATM 184 Winterland 02.03.68 - Composite

08-23-08, 10:51 AM
Could someone please upload the glitch free version of this. I´ve seen this ATM on several sites now, but all with the same glitches. Wouldn´t it be nice to have a proper copy of ATM 184 floating around the net instead of the bad "glitched" copy?

Thanks in advance

Keep on groovin' :afro:

08-24-08, 09:46 AM
Can you please describe the glitches or post the list of them.
It's quite possible that they might be repaired if the clean version isn't available.
Version of that ATM title has been uploaded on this site here:

Is it also full of glitches?

08-24-08, 10:40 AM
it's exactly that version I have at the link you posted. Its defects has been discussed in this thread: http://crosstowntorrents.org/showthread.php?t=488

I have no idea if this one is possible to repair. But if someone could do so, I would be immensely greatful.

08-24-08, 04:47 PM
OK, when I come back I'll upload a clean version.

09-04-08, 11:45 AM
OK, when I come back I'll upload a clean version.

Hey Emil, just wondering....any chance you can get this composite up one of these days? seems you have forgotten...or did I missed something? Anywayz, looking forward to it.


Blue Traffic Light
03-23-18, 11:39 AM
Did a good version of this composite ever surface?