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08-29-08, 04:43 PM
I feel this should be discussed...on more then one occasion, I have been chastised for my ratio when it has been an acceptable ratio by the people who moderate and control the site. this has transcended towards these same people who judge to act outside of themselves when being told about things they might be doing wrong, things that don't comply with the sites rules. Even worst is when these same people can't even be questioned without snapping back with some complex about their status compared to anothers on this site. I am gaining the perception that if you havn't collected scores of jimi boots and you don't have anything to upload, you're not as important to the growth of what this place is and could be. The clearest way I can process this all is by realizing that a few select amount ofpeople here feel that if you don't upload material, your opinion holds less or worst no importance and meaning then someone who has. This is a sad state of percieved ownership over ideals of a torrent site. Maybe I am wrong and my isolated incidents have altered the way I see this place as a whole, but I can't stop to feel that I won't ever live up to the standards of certain people around here, a feauture I thought wouldn't have existed in the nucleus of a Hendrix bootleg sharing site, especially with what jimi embodied through his constant search of unity for human beings when he was still on this plane.

Stratified existences normally revolve around politics and the tools used to supress the unity of the entire population, coming to this place I figured it was outside of that, but that reality isn't what I thought...

08-29-08, 05:30 PM
I wish I had more time to address your concern but I'm on my way out 4 the weekend. PLEASE do not be concerned in the least with the extreme few who have anything to say about your ratio until you hear frim Johan, Pat, or Bill that you have a problem. I began here 5 months ago with 6 bootleg LP's & thought I was a pretty advanced trader (sure) - - - UNTIL I opened the home page here :D Oh My Freaking God ! !
I voiced my ratio fears to the mods whom I keep in contact with regularly and they still assure me, though I had no clue what I was doing at the onset, it was pretty obvious what my intentions are here. ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL-Period. I have no other views concerning the mass public here. If I've made a friend or 2 in the process, I feel the lucky one . .
I am soo late getting out of here . . .
All I can say (quickly) is, there is a moniker (?) next to your name. It says "Senior Member". I will assume you did not choose that description yourself? :) Congrats on that, by the way. Just know you are being held in rather high regard by "somebody" here who has a "say". . . .
When I get back Tues, perhaps I'd like to add a bit to this, if somebody else hasn't already covered my thoughts by then, if you can call them thoughts :D
To those who might celebrate Labor Day, Have a wonderful holiday. Otherwise I dearly wish an Illuminating weekend to all!

08-29-08, 06:54 PM
PD and Steev

your ratios are perfectly acceptable to me. Quite frankly, I am happy with a .50 ratio. So, if anyone has a problem with that contact me.

It takes all kinds to keep a ship like this afloat, so let's try to be civil.

by the way Pd was warned about his ratio long ago, and he has made great effort to rectify it.


08-29-08, 08:28 PM
I agree with Pat.....everyone is important to us....


08-30-08, 03:52 PM
by the way Pd was warned about his ratio long ago, and he has made great effort to rectify it.


these recordings are addicting at times, I couldn't help myself when I found this place in the beginning as I had very few recordings left on my hard drive, I apolagize again for that spurt of download frenzy :)