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09-04-08, 12:00 PM
Hi, I am grateful for all the fantastic stuff on this website. Many of my dreams have come true, and all for free!!!! You must realize how many thousands of dollars/euros/guilders I've spent getting my hands on every single note Jimi played.

During the last days I was thinking of the very last things I could want of Jimi Hendrix.

I'm especially ogling at the "Box of Gypsys: The Complete Recorded Legacy - 30th Anniversary Edition (ATM 075-083 / 1999-2000 / 9CDR Box)". But there is official soundboard material on this one, so perhaps the audience sources will do?

I would like to have the stereo audience recording of the second Atlanta Pop Festival (1970), and perhaps also the soundboard tape of the first seven tracks of this show (but I think that is not allowed here).

And also the audience recordings of the 2 Berkeley (1970) concerts. And also the soundboard of the first show! (if that is allowed)

(I also like to have a complete soundboard of the Ilse of Wight concert, but that is absolutely NOT allowed here I'm sure!)

09-04-08, 01:05 PM
I have the Box of Gypsys & will do a thorough check tonight for official releases but I know there ain't much . . . If it turns out ok, I'll put it up tomorrow.
Atlanta is "out" (Stages)
I believe the SB of set 1 Berkley is added as an "audio only"extra on the DVD but I could be wrong. I'll check when I go in the "other" room.
Isle of Wight was released on Polydor many many years ago . . .

09-04-08, 02:09 PM
Doc - you should be able to locate all that stuff on sites that could care less about 'official' inclusions, e.g. your Demonoids, Pirate Bays, etc.

09-04-08, 02:44 PM
Yes, I know you can find the Box of Gypsys - Revised (ATM 066-071 Rev A [ATM 066 / 218 / 219 / 069 / 070 / 071] / 2003 / 6CDR) on the pirate bay. But the first disc seems to have errors (bits of sound missing at the end of each track). This box is a big merge, with bits from different sources pasted together.

I want to have the Box of Gypsys: The Complete Recorded Legacy - 30th Anniversary Edition (ATM 075-083 / 1999-2000 / 9CDR Box). Way more interesting. Never found it.

The first show Berkeley audience recording was once on tapecity. Not anymore.

Have searched for the other stuff as well. Didn't find it. :(

Thanks Steev for uploading!

06-07-09, 11:20 AM
To come back to this topic, I noticed that others on this website use demonoid to get around the legal/illegal issue.

I'm searching for the Atlanta Space-mix (soundboard of first seven tracks). Pink Robert has it but unfortunately didn't seed it. Does anyone also have the 'Race with the Devil'-bootleg of the Ilse of Wight festival?

06-07-09, 01:24 PM
DoctorGero check your PMs... ;)