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09-07-08, 08:07 PM

09-08-08, 09:34 AM
Yes, just checked, EL is on p36p.
Email me at emilvukov@yahoo.com
and I'll send you all the titles you miss.
Japanese pressings?
Not a big difference between them and German Polydors from the 80s.
Maybe manufacturing is better, but I can't determine that because I'm
not technical engeneer or Hi-Fi freak, I'm interested into music only.
The best proof how Japanese pressings aren't the best "by default" is
the latest over priced awfully sounding series of SHM discs.
To charge 60-80 Dollars for such a disc is nothing but a robbery
and buying them nothing but stupidity (same as buying Electric Ladyland
for 180 even if it's manufactured on Mars).
However. I guess those who buy them today for 180 Dollars have other motifs in mind (business investment).