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Just had a gander at this site and, well - Here's the link.
Many things I didn't know about digital domains regarding 24 bit recordings.
Well, their conversions to 16 bit anyway . . . . (and I'm a recording engineer) . . . .


Hope it's enlightening to a few of U . . . :)

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This tid-bit caught my eye :

*Do 24 bit recordings really sound that much better? Is it even worth it?

Yes, 24 bit recording rock! but if you're listening from your computer and playing it through a cheap set of computer speakers, then you probably won't hear much of a difference over 16 bit files. However, with a nice playback system than can reproduce the fine details in a recording, the difference is night & day.

Hmmm ... why does 'used car salesman' flash in my brain?

I'm skeptical (just as I 'justifiably' was with claims that cd's sounded better than vinyl -they still don't- and many 're-mastered' releases as well).

I typically judge 'quality' technology when this 'night & day' difference can be determined even on the cheapest speakers! One of the Hendrix bios I just finished relates how Jimi, Chas, and Eddie would painstakingly mix Jimi's music with the end-listener in mind, hearing the music thru a single typical 3-5 inch transistor radio speaker.

For me a 'night & day' difference would equate to something like mono to stereo. And we all also know how much musical info we 'miss-out on' until we put on that set of head-phones -- which now negates speakers altogether and puts the focus on the quality of the signal processor, right?

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Pat, I didn't check your link yet but for what it's worth, I must 90% agree with Marcos re the CD vs Vinyl quality. Many many LP's have far more depth than the digitals and it's true that many "remaster" engineers are being ordered to lift the volume by record heads which ultimately means the compressors get pulled out & there goes much of the dynamics. If you ever liked the 1st couple chicago LP's you can check the 1st release CD's from the exact flat masters against the new re-masters & the new ones IMO suck. Loud - yes, but they just don't react with a good audio system the way the originals do. You knew all this, didn't you ? ? ? :D Lastly, and this doesn't mean much (perhaps) ;) but the final test of how good a musical piece sounds in the studio, is from the 3" table speakers & even (lesser now) a mono table speaker. If an engineer is worth anything, the "ambience" carries thru.
I don't know if this means I'm agreeing with Marcos. :) I just wanted to point these quick items out. My kid needs a towel. Gotta run. I'll check your link in a minute. Thanx
Peace - me

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...I must 90% agree with Marcos re the CD vs Vinyl quality...

...I don't know if this means I'm agreeing with Marcos. ...It does! ( however, I can't seem to locate that 10% ;) )

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Touche' Mon Frey

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Touche' Mon Frey

Good reading.