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09-17-08, 11:38 AM

Is there a chance someone would be willing to upload this ATM DVD :
Band Of Gypsys (ATM DVD 003 Rev A / 2004 / DVD-R)

Many thanks

04-04-09, 03:14 PM
I've been looking for this for a long time. Can anyone upload it here. Thanks!

04-04-09, 08:55 PM
Was just listening 2 it this very afternoon . . . . Haunting :D:D:D:(:(:rasta::(:(:D:D:D
:wave: Give me 30 mins & I'll Torrent one up :homer1:

04-04-09, 10:33 PM
Shit. I'm about 2 ask 4 MOOCHO 4-giveness.
I made an Audio CD of this last night & Mp3'd it for my iPod, which I then fell asleep to . . . :) and now cannot find the Flac DVD . . . .
If nobody else has this I promise I will find it by tomorrow morning [11:30 pm here] and put it up.
But anybody else who may mosey by and has the urge . .
Feel Free :) Jimi would have wanted it that way :rasta:
Sorry [and really stymied] :(:(:(
I'll get it together soon.
That's what happens when . . . . .

04-05-09, 04:31 PM
the one asked here is the video DVD, no flac, I understood you are ofering the flac one..

from HP site, :
Band Of Gypsys (ATM DVD 003 Rev A / 2004 / DVD-R)
(Fillmore East, New York City, NY 01.01.70 [1st Show] (B&W footage edited from the Blom and Vasulka video sources) plus "Top of the Pops", BBC Lime Grove Studios, London 10.05.67 ["The Wind Cries Mary" (4)] / TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA 29.10.68 ["Gloria" ( )] / Fillmore East, New York City, NY 31.12.69 [2nd Show] [Colour footage filmed by Amalie R.Rothschild] ["Stepping Stone" (14) / "Fire" (66) / "Ezy Rider" (15i)]) Very Low Gen
- Upgrade of ATM DVD 003; Audio / video synch problems in "Machine Gun" (12) have been corrected.
- About the Fillmore East B&W footage: 1) Edits / cuts from camera shots are done just BEFORE the camera starts to shake, jitter or distort. The Experience Hendrix version of this material (available on the DVD "Band of Gypsys / Live at the Fillmore East") cuts from a camera shot AFTER the shake or jiggle. 2) The two original cameras had different contrast and brightness settings. The Experience Hendrix version cuts from a dark shot to a hazy light shot without having blended the brightness or contrast to be matching between the two cameras. Here adjustments are made to balance the two cameras together. 3) Some of the Experience Hendrix footage looks to have been partially deteriorated due to improper storage. The source tapes used here (very low gen) appear to have been taken from an earlier transfer of the masters (before the deterioration had taken place).

Do you have it ? cheers!

04-05-09, 08:09 PM
pancho - I absolutely did NOT have that one and would certainly love to have it also :):):)
Sorry sima & jj :rasta: It's just Chinatown.

I'm still looking 4 my ATM003 2 put up anyway as it is one of the better pieces of 'Not 4 Release' JH I've heard. Really really nice. :)
If I only could remember what I did with my disc . . . .
Thanx much :homer1:

04-21-09, 01:13 PM
Hi Folks,
would this DVD be allowed here because of the official release??


04-21-09, 03:00 PM
Not allowed, overlooked at best :-)

We already have borderline BOG DVD cases, so lets just say its not allowed because Gloria (on the 4cd box) and Wind Cries Mary have been officially released.

04-21-09, 03:03 PM
Thanks Johan, glad I asked.

05-08-09, 04:17 PM
The 2003 version (Not the Rev.A) was upped at:

Thanks to the help of generous human beings!

05-09-09, 04:10 PM
Like you said, many thanks to the generous uploader! :)

05-11-09, 01:02 PM
Wow! Through demonoid! You will be sure that I'll come with my wishlist soon!