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09-20-08, 02:35 PM
Need a little help identifying this :

A thousand years ago I found what I thought was the 'Rainbow Bridge' release on cd AT LAST! A double cd with the Maui concerts as bonus tracks and all original artwork. Well, as it turned out, someone had burned the LP to disc and included the 2 Maui shows. Although I treasure this find, the only complaint I have is that the concert needs speed-correction.

As I just recently downloaded the 'In From The Clouds' show, I can state for sure that my disc is not this source. That show is somewhat bass-heavy and on my disc Jimi's guitar cuts thru very nicely but does not over-power everything. I did not find it on H-P's website. A few more details : The front of the discs have a three-spoke (red on one, yellow on the other) design and both have :

"Not For Sale-Promotional Copy"

... also, on the back of the jewel case at the lower-left is a small logo of a child sucking fingers, wearing headphones and the word "HEAD".

Anyone else run across this item?


09-20-08, 06:15 PM
a little more info :


09-20-08, 07:05 PM
Nice find bruh. Wish I could help . . . . . :fnd2022: :fnd2022: :fnd2022:


09-20-08, 08:56 PM
I don't have this CD set, but I've seen the artwork (I have it in fact somewhere).
In any case, this is a soundbord source (with overdubbed drums) that circulates on CDs like "Rainbow Bridge 2", "Rainbow Bridge Concert (by Purple Haze records) or recently uploaded on CT "Last American Concert vol.1 & 2. All these CDs, use the same source only with a bit different track order or simply missing or adding a track or two.
The first 8 tracks of this set is most probably vinyl to CD transfer of the Rainbow Bridge LP.
In any case, this would be a great upload for us completists here.
Nice find. Rare Cd set.

09-20-08, 09:40 PM
Thnx Emil.

OK - Just got a note from Doug and it is listed in his extensive discography. Seems this is a rare release (he knows of no one else that has this). As soon as I get more info I will let all know. When I upload this I will include all artwork. The above image can be used for those of you that label your cd's. I will put it in the art folder when I prep the set. Since I will not be able to upload the 'official' portion of this, and for those who do not have a copy (shame on you), that rascal known as the demon has obtained a copy from Professor Stoned and is currently seeding.

Although the Rainbow Bridge tracks have been piece-mealed out (good-lord imagine if they had done this to AYE-sacriledge!), it's just not the same 'feeling' as the original lp release and the great memories for those of us 'old' enough to have experienced it when released.

Completists standby.

02-13-09, 09:11 AM
Is there any chance you might finally post this?