View Full Version : Hello German, Dutch & French fans, how about someone of you giving us translations?

10-12-08, 03:17 PM
It's a major part of Jimi's career that he became successfull in your countries at the beginning, and gave interviews that were often supplemented by commentary/questions in your languages, it would be nice for the rest of us to have this commentary in the original tongue, with a translation in English, then we can all join in.

10-12-08, 04:08 PM
I could help you for french articles. I have to say that french books about Jimi are quite poor... and that the best english ones never have been translated!

10-12-08, 04:52 PM
Great idea!

Before I went to Europe I had wondered about all the American & British artists touring foreign lands, especially Europe and Japan and just why such an attraction. Well, it wasn't until I entered the U.S. Air Force that it became obvious that these countries (at that time) were saturated with American service personnell. And the many concerts I attended there were quite heavy in American attendance (actually the majority in all the ones I went to). I'm going to speculate that the mighty American dollar (at that time) contributed to this attraction.

10-16-08, 07:42 AM
Check that :


10-16-08, 01:32 PM
Brilliant, thanks a lot.

Herman Cherusken
10-16-08, 01:42 PM
Just to let you know, I have some Swedish pieces that can be interesting for you to read, so I will have them translated in due time...

10-16-08, 01:48 PM
Check that :


Oh man... great!! Thanks to Claus & Karsten for translations, and to Ayler for the link of course.

10-19-08, 05:15 PM
I'm Dutch, so if I can help to translate some Dutch writing into English, let me know.