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10-19-08, 12:02 PM
I have a respectable and growing collection these days, thanks largely to JPIO and crosstowntorrents, and of course I play the music at home a lot.

My wife was driving through town recently with the radio on. Not sure what piece of music was playing but our five year old daughter leaned forward in her car seat and in a very serious voice asked....,

"Mummy, is this Hendrix??

I've since discovered that she likes the Albert Hall show - especially Jimi's shirt....,

10-19-08, 12:39 PM
heh heh... nice.

10-19-08, 01:05 PM
I genuinely tried to wipe that insect off the screen.

10-19-08, 05:22 PM
ha... works every time!

10-19-08, 05:37 PM
"Mummy, is this Hendrix??XLNT!!! - She's on her way - :bang:

10-19-08, 08:39 PM
Murray - MOST excellent :)
My 10 yr old [a drummer] is totally attached to side 4 of Electric Ladyland-
Especially House Burning Down . . .
About 4 weeks ago, I turned him on to The Cry Of Love, and as with everything I turn him on to, he claimed he was not so fond of it. I tried a couple times and finally figured I planted the seed, he'll give it a shot in his own time . . . .
Last night, when I pulled his iPod fones off his head, after he fell asleep, TCOL was playing loud as the Sun :D
This morning he proudly proclaimed at breakfast, unasked, that Drifting and Ezy Rider were 2 of the most beautiful songs he has ever heard . . .
He teaches me more about myself than I ever could alone :)
So, here's to your beautiful daughter and may she continue to amaze you with each new day! :beer:
Peace, Light & Music - 4ever!

Herman Cherusken
10-19-08, 09:00 PM
Lol, how much fun musnt it be to spread Hendrix to your own flesh and blood. Must truly be a special and joyous experience. I have no kids (but and after tracking my blood line back to 1740 on the male side of the family, it's interesting to note that a large procentage of them got kids really late in life, so you never know what might be in storage), so I focus on the younger generations at youtube - and the response is kinda amazing. I'd never have thought I would get so many mails with questions about his music...