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Baltimore '70 - 3rd Source (ATM 161 / 2003 / 1CDR)
(Civic Center, Baltimore, MD 13.06.70 [3rd Source]; 49:25) Aud; Master Clone - Digitally Restored & Speed corrected (-4%) *
[* This is an incomplete source with numerous cuts and the first two songs missing entirely. Many of the cuts are noisy, with a screech as the tape slows to a stop and then speeds up again upon re-start. These are left intact. There are one or two gaps that are different, essentially just a clean gap with material missing. These are also left as is. There were some digital clicks and buzzes present on the original transfer, and these were removed as completely as possible, although one or two buzzes couldn't be removed entirely. The source also ran about 4% fast, so it was pitch-adjusted to be approximately correct. The recording itself is straight mono. The two channels were identical except for a slight gain difference, which has beeen equalized. Nothing else has been done to the tape; Noise level and EQ are unchanged.]
- Source walkthrough: Tape starts at the beginning of "Machine Gun" (24) {just the first part of the song, some noises made by the taper handling the recording equipment are present at the beginning, fast tape speed up/down at 1:18, several fast tape speed ups/downs and/or cuts from 2:18 and onwards}, {cut}, "Ezy Rider" (24) {just final part of the song}, "Red House" (69) {with clean cut at 0:14}, spoken introduction {cut}, "Message To Love" (34) {tape speed ups/downs at 0:48 and around 2:50 (minor)}, "Hey Joe" (54) {end cut}, "Freedom" (19) {minor tape speed problems when the vocals come in}, "Hear My Train A-Comin'" (46) {fast tape speed ups/downs at 1:46, 2:47, 3:04 and a series of fast tape speed ups/downs from 5:28 to 5:33, small rise in level at 7:19 (increased level lasting for the remainder of the tape), fast tape speed up/down at 8:04}, {cut}, "Room Full Of Mirrors" (16), "Foxy Lady" (86) {changes in overall EQ from 0:51 to 1:37 (less low end)}, {clean cut} "Purple Haze" (95) {minor tape speed up/down at 0:15, cut at 0:35, cut at 1:33}, {cut}, "Star Spangled Banner" (38) {fast tape speed ups/downs and/or cuts at 0:21, 0:52 and 0:55}, "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" (75) / "Midnight Lightning" (15) {fast tape speed ups/downs at 0:13 and 0:15, minor tape speed problems starting at around 5:50 and progressing to fast tape speed ups/downs at 6:13 and 6:15}, crowd {cut}.

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Baltimore '70 - 3rd Source .

itīs up.....have fun with it!