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10-24-08, 07:25 AM
Hi friends,

I am looking for a special version of Bolero (back then labelled as Here Comes the Sun). I got it on tape in the early Nineties, it was a filler. I seem to have lost the tape, at least I canīt find it at the moment....
This was the first version I ever heard of those sessions, and to this day, despite having heard the complete Bolero sessions, i think I have never heard it again, and i am still not sure, if this was one of the takes from the sessions, with just reverb added, or maybe from a different session. The thing that puzzles me is that on the Bolero Sessions as we know them, Mitch always starts the basic groove with a Hi-Hat pattern, whereas on the version I refer to, he started with a full drum groove with ride cymbal right from the start. As I said, the mix of this has reverb added.....can anyone help?
I hope I will find that tape. But it must be out there somewhere.
On In From the Storm, there is an entry of a Bolero version: previously unavailable different mix of Bolero (1). i guess the (1) is not referring to the takes, but rather to some listing, right? cause Bolero take 1 is not the version i remember.

10-26-08, 05:56 PM
found it!
the track i was referring to was the one also featured on the disc Electric Church sourced from Jonsattic...
by all means, i have to say that I am VERY sceptical about this being from 68....like the other Bolero sessions we know. The drums are different, and mitchīs style sounds so much like 1970...
this is a real mystery to me. maybe overdubbed later at ELL for inclusion on Cry of Love???