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Thanks to hawkfan369 who seed this at Tapecity :)


Jimi Hendrix
The Things I Used To Do

Band Of Gypsys Rehearsals

Digital Clone of Silver > EAC > FLAC

(Golden Memories GM 890 738 / 1989 / 1CD)
(Outtakes 1968-69 / Band of Gypsys Rehearsals, Baggy's, New York City, NY 18-19.12.69)

One of the rarest Bootlegs of Jimi, released in 1989 by Golden Memories. The sound-qualitiy is top.
To hear are rehearsals in a Greenwich Village loft with jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox and Buddy Miles.
The Izabella Tracks recorded at the Record Plant. All tracks recorded in 1969.
Engineering by Eddie Kramer. Recorded by Wally Heider, with the Mobile Unit. 1CD

Opening this disc, is a blues jam between Jimi and Johnny Winter called The Things I Used To Do.
Some great blistering guitarwork, from both Jimi and Johnny.
A whole album from these two would be a very interesting thing indeed.
Following that is yet another visit to the Three Little Bears, this time it's the incomplete version.
A different mix of Gypsy Eyes, from the album Electric Ladyland is next.
After that, it's Band Of Gypsy tracks featuring Jimi on guitar, Buddy Miles on drums, and Billy Cox on bass.
Who Knows, and Message To Love are the band rehearsing and preparing for their 4 shows at the Filmore East, on December 31st/69 & January 1/70.
Izabella features the same lineup, this time at work in the studio.

01. The Things I Used To Do - with Johnny Winter on steel guitar
02. Three Little Bears - longer version
03. Gypsy Eyes - diff. mix two guitars
04. Who Knows - try out
05. Who Knows - longer version
06. Message To Love
07. Message To Love
08. Izabella - inst. short jam
09. Izabella - inst. break down the mix
10. Izabella - inst. rehearsal
11. Izabella - inst. long version
12. Izabella - with vocal diff. mix from original 4 track tape

Enjoy! Preserve Quality.


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Thanks Jualino & Hawkfan! :000-thanx:

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Thanks to you 2. I am eager to read the info file from original uploader, specially if it says not to degrade quality because I am really fed up to see these rare boots beeing posted at Guitar 101 in mp3..anyway, i will check before moaning (if I can cos info file surprisingly disappeared from mp3 post) but you can find it here:

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I just finished downloading it (thanks one more for this boot hawkfan and jualino). I just compared with the one at G101, comparing the covers since there's no more info file at G101...we all know why..Hawkfan wrote:"Enjoy! Preserve Quality.
Pat Peterson
Comparing the back covers, no doubt it's Hawkfan boot that is at G101.

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thnx very much but i need a seed then i'll thank you even more...peace

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Thought I'd comment on this to bounce it up front since it has some Johnny Winter content. Peace...