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10-27-08, 06:40 PM
Up for auction . . . . Just kidding :)
Experience Hendrix 2008 Tribute Tour - Tower Theater Upper Darby Pa. 10/23/08

Lineage: Edirol R-09HR 44.1K 16 Bit WAV directly to FLAC via X-act [No customization] on an iMac.

First of all, Gibson is sponsoring the tour which is very strange to me, but in this day & age, I'm not surprised.
The tour bus was Massive and beautiful. I included some pix of it.

The full 3 hour show is uncut. There was one battery change late which did not cut into any music. I do not remember where.
An old 'Head' sitting next to me was having "Convulsions Back Thru Time" the entire show, thrashing himself in all directions at once, obviously in a trance, leaving me black & blue and introducing a special "emotion" to the recording. His friends could not move him over a couple seats. You had to love him . . . . .
There is more "hall" reverb from The Tower than I'd have liked, but I was trying my best to keep the unit away from him & position was not optimum.

Janie Hendrix was there & came out to introduce & open the 3 hour show . . . . . .
Someone from Dime wrote me and said some fans were pissed at previous gigs as they only got a 2 hr show . . . .

The Show: Mitch & Billy's playing contribution was sporadic, at best. They came on for a song or 2 and disappeared for half hours at a time & then came back out again for another two tunes. The years have definitely taken their toll on Mitch and the few times he was on stage, I swear I could not hear much of him. But it was wonderful to see him up there. Billy was as tight as EVER but did not play on Them Changes, which bothered me . . . .
Eric Johnson [who I normally can take or leave] was absolutely marvelous and you could see he was honored to be a part of this. He worked his Marshall for all it was worth to pull everything he could out of it. Buddy Guy was also fabulous. Every time you hear the off the wall notes here, he was doing something physical to the crowd. He also, I believe, did the only original. I named it "Nobody Loves U" as that phrase was prevalent, but I admit I have no clue what the real title was. Eric Gale, who opened the show also was fabulous, and the Foxy Lady riff they included was very interesting. I ended up liking it very much. I 'truly' enjoyed about 45 mins of the show, as I am a very hard critic where JIMI HENDRIX is concerned, but the folks [most were so old] :D who were there for the memories were thrilled for 3 straight hours. Again, I went for the music and was left out in the cold on more than one tune. It's just me. Please let me know what you think.
Lots of kids were there also. [Mine too] Way cool.
I could very easily have traded the played version of "Remember" for any of them doing "Castles Made of Sand" . . . .
The tour being sponsored by Gibson bothered me a bit and I kept saying "Money Money Money" to myself. But the tour bus was 1st rate [showing Jimi with the Flying V] Again, I included pix. I stood across the street from it for a side view, and managed to capture it in 3 shots [we were too close]which I included in a separate folder. Would some kind soul please "sew" them together if possible, for US? It looks pretty difficult & I can't do it.

Lastly-Sorry for all the index breaks. I discovered the unit separated files on the fly with the remote & a couple times I was not sure if the deed had been done. Sue me :D It still runs seamless. This could be Mastered but I'm not going to do it. I have another project I'm working on . . . . .

Thanx Electricwing for the personnel list:
Eric Gale
Mato Nanji
Doyle Bramhall II
Johnny Lang
Eric Johnson
Kenny Wayne Shephard
Hubert Sumlin
Buddy Guy
Cesar Rosas
David Hidalgo
Brad Whitford

Johnny Lang was a bit out of his league. His solos weren't very fluid and his riffs tended to be repetitive. I agree EW . . .

01-Intro Janie Hendrix 0:55
02-Applause for Janie 0:02
03-Clapz 0:09
04-Purple Haze 5:45
05-Applause 0:49
06-Foxy Lady 7:12
07-Applause 0:19
08-Intro SF 0:22
09-Stone Free 4:58
10-Hear My Train a Comin' 5:12
11-Clapz 0:09
12-Remember 4:42
13-Angel 5:26
14-Rock Me Baby 5:20
15 Clapz-Guitar Fans_ 0:54
16-Love or Confusion 4:32
17-Clapz 0:59
18-Up From The Skies 8:05
19-May This Be Love 7:50
20-Clapz 0:43
21-Bold As Love 6:00
22-Are You Experienced 6:33

23-Clapz_Intro 1:08
24-Fire 5:01
25-The Wind Cries Mary 4:31
26-Spanish Castle Magic 5:36
27-Clapz 1:02
28-Intro 0:31
29-How's Everybody Feeling out there tonight?
30-Come On Pt. 1 5:10
31-I Don't Live Today 5:10
32-Voodoo Chile 7:52
33-Voodoo Child [Slight Ret] 11:36
34-Intro's 0:33
35-Can You See Me 3:15
36-Little Wing 6:17
37-Intro's 0:32
38-Them Changes 4:46

39-Killing Floor 4:47
40-Nobody Loves U/Buddy Guy 16:33
41-Red House 13:26
42-Clapz 0:33
43-Hey Joe_Finale 5:44
44-Last Applause_Peace, Love & Happiness 1:51

As this is my 1st true offering,
Please do NOT up this at other sites until I've had a chance to give it to TC-TTD-Dime-Demon or HC.
I owe them-BIG time ;)
Hope you all enjoy.
Peace, Illumination & MUSIC 4ever ! ! !

10-28-08, 01:47 AM
Many thanks for taping and sharing! :)

Herman Cherusken
10-28-08, 05:35 AM
"And on bass - Billy Cox...." - massive cheers.... Lol I like what I believe is Steev's enthusiastic shouts, cheers, and comments everywhere.

The sound is not too bad, just the meter that hits the celing on a few occations. And many nice renditions there....

A bit disapointed in the Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and a few other tunes, as it sounds more like SRV than Hendrix. A bit more effort could have been made to emulate the Hendrix sound. Other than that, who ever played it did it well...

Not to complain or anything, I just wish there was some dudes around that would put together a three piece and really and seriously would pick up on Jimi's sound, volume, and way of playing - in a purist fashion...

10-28-08, 05:56 AM
[QUOTE=Herman Cherusken;8557
Not to complain or anything, I just wish there was some dudes around that would put together a three piece and really and seriously would pick up on Jimi's sound, volume, and way of playing - in a purist fashion...[/QUOTE]

not to offend anyone....but i donīt think I would ever attend an event like this. Yes, of course I would die to see Mitch in ACTION, as well as Billy. But we know that Mitch is not really polishing his skills these days, plus, as Steev said he is hardly audible out on the FOH PA, and just plays a couple of numbers anyway. I saw some clips on youtube, and the last thing I need is 5 wannabeīs noodling around on Foxy Lady or Purple Haze, even if they all are passionate players.
IMHO, none of these performances can even come close to Jimiīs vision and playing AND freedom in playing. I might go, if there was just Mitch, Billy and ONE good guitar player, as well rehearsed trio. That might be interesting. But as Mitch said in an interview recently, they donīt bother to rehearse anyway, and it shows. Rather sad.

10-28-08, 07:26 AM
Olve - Sadly, that was also the gist of my remark "I 'truly' enjoyed about 45 mins of the show". Your remark about the lack of "Freedom" ;) is also my main sadness. It was basically just a bunch of guys "jamming" the way, normal people jam, and left me flat much of the time.
When Jimi would say, "We're just gonna jam cause we haven't played in a while" you'd still better hold on to your seats, as your world was about to be rocked silly.
Oh well, You know what they say, "Even at Jimi's worst . . . . ." :) How I sorely miss that mother fucker.
By time the "Remember" band was up, I was [honestly] thinking, "If only I was up there right now . . . ." Don't laff-I'd have killed them.
Did U guys check out the Tour Bus pix?
Also a sad thing that I think the "bus" was the coolest thing. It was outasite ! ! ! Yeah, that was my kid in the pix :)
What, if any performances, did you like? Anybody?

10-28-08, 07:46 AM
Did anyone see/appreciate the "built-in" humor at the length of "Applause for Janie" ? ?
It was not done on purpose & I didn't see it til it was listed, but I get hysterical every time I look at it.
I'm easily amused. :homer1:

10-28-08, 10:25 AM
not to offend anyone....Heh, heh, heh ... well - there's Hendrix, and then there's everyone else. 'nuff said!

thnx for the upload steev.

10-29-10, 04:07 AM
thank you man

10-29-10, 09:38 AM
As this is on the front page (due to biserkehayov comment) I have to say, for all EH Tours - Why the fu*k would I wanna see this Shit? IT AINT JIMI so WTF? The Bus is the best thing about it!!

10-29-10, 05:10 PM
As this is on the front page (due to biserkehayov comment) I have to say, for all EH Tours - Why the fu*k would I wanna see this Shit? IT AINT JIMI so WTF? The Bus is the best thing about it!!

KD: I agree, "tributes" are such a drag. Why pay good money to
watch somebody try and duplicate Jimi's solos / songs / head band
wearing, what have you's.

Embarrassing - Don't these guys have their own thing going on ?
I guess not.

10-30-10, 12:30 PM
many thanks for sharing this...

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Thanks for this and RIP Steev and thanks for helping me get my first torrent uploaded.

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hi, what a board, nice to be here!
no seeders at this torrent at the moment, any takers?
is there a torrent for the dvd out there?
hear my train, got to go. bye

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thanks for the upload and fast seed!

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Can anyone help to re-seed this Experience Hendrix tribute show? Thanks!