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10-28-08, 09:29 AM
Why the ongoing fascination with Hendrix?

Kramer: Hendrix's music is timeless. It's music for the ages. It's music that every successive generation of kids are searching for, searching for something that is real. They come upon Jimi's music and say, 'Aha!' Not only do they feel the music, but they are in awe of the guy's technique: How did he create those sounds? This music will continue to enthrall each successive generation.

Cox: It's the spirituality of Jimi Hendrix himself. He was in touch with something, a higher power. The kids intuitively know that.

Rosas: It's as fresh now as it was back then. It just says he was way ahead of his time.

What was Hendrix's early sound like?

Cox: He was growing musically. He knew destiny was eventually going to smile on him if he continued the path. He didn't do a lot of pyrotechnics, but he was very fluid onstage. People gravitated toward that. They knew he was not only a player, but that he was involved in the genre 150 percent.

How about in the studio?

Cox: We had an opportunity, even Eddie Kramer himself, to see the genius of Jimi Hendrix. Not only was he a superb guitarist and master musician, he also was a master engineer. He knew what he wanted, how much volume he needed, attenuation, whatever. He had that genius in him at practically whatever he did. I spoke at (Indiana University) and my opening words were 'Every now and then a spirit slips through the portal of time into this reality and blows our minds.' That's what Jimi Hendrix did.

How is the tape vault?

Kramer: Fortunately, we've been able to get back pretty much everything that Jimi had ever recorded. The Beatles have been able to sort of minutely track everything they ever did. In Jimi's case it's not quite like that; there has been some stuff that was missing, but for the most part we've filled in all the gaps. We're at the point now where we're releasing stuff, live concert footage, that's coming up. I can tell you now we're working on a piece that's something that's been in the works for a couple of years that hopefully will come out next year. I'm very pleased about that.

What do musicians want to know about Hendrix?

Kramer: When one is talking to a musician who's totally into the Hendrix technique, there are aspects of the technique they might ask about. The last piece we put out on DVD was Woodstock, and that's an amazing work because when you study that and watch his hands, that's an object lesson in how to play the guitar. I get asked technical questions about how he played. I can relate the fact that he used his thumb as a barring mechanism for the whole neck of the guitar. What amps, how loud?

Cox: The type of strings he used. What he did with the guitar itself. What type of pickups did he use? More than anything else, they're thinking Jimi Hendrix creativity and his genius was mechanical. It was not. It was spiritual.

How did this tour happen?

Cox: We've been doing this on a small scale for the past seven or eight years. I've never played Denver before. We've done Los Angeles, Seattle. Early on we had Keb' Mo', Slash, Buddy Miles, myself.

How did he influence you?

Rosas: When I was in junior high school, in the seventh grade, when Jimi was introduced to the world, that's when I found out about him. The music was just so different, so different than all the stuff that was going on. And then for myself, being a left-handed guitarist, there was something I could identify with. I thought 'Wow, being left-handed ain't too bad.' Everything about Jimi was so unorthodox. Also being a black man in America playing rock 'n' roll music. He had everything going on.

Source: http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news/2008/oct/27/hendrix-legacy-lives-in-musicians-hands/

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many thanks for this Ayler. Looking forward to this new piece. By the way, it's gone ominously silent on the albert hall vid, hasn't it?

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maybe this 'piece' is about the RAH-video ?I just watched the 5.1 disc , and it is so good.....